Monday, 21 December 2015

How to get your room ready for winter & christmas

Hey, I've finished school at last and it's my winter holidays yay. I'm going to be doing a Christmas/winter series both on blog and channel. I will be uploading more now I have more time so make sure you follow or add me to your reading list. This post is going to be telling you how to get your room festive and cosy for winter and Christmas so keep reading to find out more....

  1. Blankets Blankets and more Blankets! Make your room warm by adding more layers to your bed like throws or warm blankets I have two extra blankets, a white one from Animal and a red Christmassy one.
  2. Pillows-  When the weather outside is frightful I like to make cosy nooks or forts out of pillows.
  3. Snowflakes- I bought some hanging snowflakes from the Range and they look really cute and add a really big touch for something so simple.
  4. Christmas bunting- Make your own or buy some.
  5. Candles- It's all about the smells and colours so get some vibrant colours and amazing smelling candles, yankee are the best!
  6. Christmas lights- use them as bunting their like twinkly stars.
  7. Fairy lights- yeah you know that amazing tumblr or insta pic.

DIY Time !

Winter/Christmas picture cork board

 1.  Go on the internet and find cute tumblr picture. copy all into word and print off

2. Find yourself a cork board and get your favourite winter washi- tape and tape the edges.

3. Cut out pics and pin on board.

4. Any extra pins make a W in the corner or space.

5. Get string and hand up or lean against something and your done.

This is it hope this gives you some inspiration and you try the DIY it is really simple but makes a difference. Hope you finish school soon and if you've already finished enjoy the holidays.!


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4 days left till Christmas!

Erin x

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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Autumn clothes and beauty must haves

  • Hey,
So as we are fast approaching December and the countdown to Christmas I thought winter is approaching and autumn is ending. I have LOVED  autumn and loved lots of things so I thought I would tell you what I Loved and needed this autumn. ( I will name a few examples of each)

Tumblr- Tumblr is bae this autumn all the cute pics and quotes.

Blankets- I wanted this autumn to be comfy and warm and more blankets= HARMONY

Coffee- My dark circles are designer, chanel, but the dark mornings and early morning are killing me but coffee is my boyfriend and well I always crave it.

Maroon, burgundy autumnal colour clothes-
  • Primark skinny jeggings £5 maroon
  • Primark turtle neck in dark burgundy type colour £6

  • like massive light pink blush knit jumper £7 reduce from £10
  • red and white massive heart knit jumper price ?
Scarves and snoods
  • White snood from primark £2?
  • Blanket scarves
Dark Lipsticks
  • Miss sporty in shade

  • Black uggs from Next
  • Black zip up heel boots Primark £13


Lip balms
  • EOS so good ( can get of amazon definitely worth the price 100%)
  • Vaseline

Golden eyeshadow or brownish red eyeshadow eye look

This is coming up really late sorry but never got round to getting pics and editing. But these were my fav things for autumn this year.!

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Erin x
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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Girly advice part 2 Boys and Boyfriends.....

Hey everyone I'm startingto get under eye bags no full stop just no..... School is clearly killing me how are you finding it. Well hey whose excited for Christmas I've started reciting songs ( not sad ) and Christmas present shopping but hey I love Christmas but this blog isn't about Christmas but Christmas is coming ..... So I hope this post helps you a bit if your in a relationship and needing some advice.

Ground rules and things I hate in relationships

DO NOT BE THAT COUPLE WHO CANT SPEAK OR MAKE CONTACT WITH EACH OTHER IN SCHOOL !!! this annoys me sooooooooooooooooooooo much I can't stress I think to myself what's the point your wasting your time but hey your choice.

Don't go in a relationship if you don't want to. Dares are stupid and don't feel peer pressured to have a boyfriend.

Don't think its cool having a boyfriend, if the rest of the crowd has boyfriends doesn't mean you need have one.

Make sure the boy respects you for you and your NOT in a abuse or hurting relationship. If you are dont hide away behind locked doors leave and never look back and make sure you tell someone.

I've had a few not big relationship
They were fine and im happy with all outcome
Most boys are stupid self assured prats and they smell sooo bad but I do have some friends which are boys and they are awesome and the best. Its alright to have friends which are boys.

The most important thing in a relationship is that you respect each other and you get along. You have some of the same personalities but a few different so you try new things. Make sure the boy is kind and caring not cruel and abusive.

Don't be scared to leave a relationship that's fine if its not meant to be then ok. You will one day fine the perfect match don't rush it love will come around for now enjoy having a boyfriend or be a single pringle either way as long as your happy that's what's important.

I hoped this helped if your a taken bacon or a single pringle make sure your happy and remember it's only 34 days till Christmas! Christmas posts coming soon :D

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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Paper Towns review

HI everyone how's everyone feeling about the weather cold strong winds, the sky getting darker earlier but hey Christmas is nearly here YAY. Who's excited comment below what you want. Hope my friend post was helpful if you like advice post. Anyway this is a little different but I did mention that I was reading Paper Towns by John Green but I finished it about a month ago so I thought I would write a short review.....

Paper Towns by John Green
Paper towns is a mysterious, detective book with humour through the book with extra love I really liked it. Paper Towns is based in Florida around a group of teens but mainly around Margo and Quentin who have had a friendship since toddlers but when a disturbing event split hem apart they didn't see each other as much but Quentin had a secret rush and when Margo goes missing Quentin has to discover the truth before it's too late. This book is full of plot twist and creepy bits but is definitely a page turner. I rate Paper Towns 4 **** and is a read if you like a mystery other John Green books are good what is your favourite by him and what are you reading at the moment comment below. This is a quick sum up did you like my review ??

Not long till Christmas YAY
Speak to you soon x
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Erin xx

p.s does anyone know someone who could design my blog ?? Random but let me know would love a new life to my blog give ideas below of what I could do ???

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Some girly advice

Hey everyone guess what I went shopping today went shopping yesterday and going shopping tomorrow just a brief sum up of my life. Anyway in previous post I've mentioned that I will do a girly advice post. This one going to be about friends. I'm lucky enough that I have a small group of friends which I can truly call them mine my angles my BBFS but I also have a friendship circle who are friends and they'll be their for me but not the same as my BFFS. We all have our small girly cat fights and we act all ahh their stupid I hate them but then you realise ahh that's stupid to fight over and run back to each and bake each other cookie. Ps love cookies but not always the best option. So this blog post will help you with the problems you may have and how to resolve them and more ! Hope you enjoy !

Fights and how to resolve them 

Trust me I'm no friend expert but sometimes you need to look at the fight and say to yourself is it worth stropping over or should we just forget sometimes it that easy but not all the time and sometimes the fights and little bigger and you can't just simply apologise. When fights like these happen the best thing to do is give each other some space don't go spreading a rumour that such and such is horrible just walk away and have sometime to think but make sure it doesn't look like your ignoring them just have some time to think. After this you may think oh we are both stupid and get back together but that's happens in dreams it doesn't always happen in reality. Another thing you can do is talk talking helps again if your friend doesn't talk give him/her some more space but sit down together and talk have a certain time each say 5 minutes to let out everything in your head and then swap at the end hopefully you will come to an apologise but here's the catch no one wants to apologise first but apologising is the only way in life you will get to move on so either say we'll apologise together or be the bigger person and just say I'm sorry. If none of this works keep following these steps and if still no success leave walk away and make a new friend theirs no point worrying over a friend who doesn't respect you for being a friend as you've tried so hard to fix the wall of your friendship.

What to do if you think your friend is lying to you

Wait don't confront her/him immediately if you see something small your friend will find you annoying. and admit it we all tell lies but remember they will all come back to you and back fire so try to be honest with each other as this makes a really good friendship. But sometimes friends aren't really friends and they'll may be lying and people who lie may not be the best people to be around. Friends may lie as they don't want you to find out about something ie family issues or other friendship issues but sometimes they may be lying to get attention or just being mean. The best thing to do go up to them a talk ask why and if they say I'm not really try to persuade them and if not walk away and say your lying then and maybe when you've both calmed down try to speak by speaking you can actually help your friend she may be clogged up fall of emotions and is too embarrassed to say anything but by doing that that what makes you a good friend by trying to help. But on the contrary she may be hiding things from you and knowing them will help your friendship or if you guys can't resolve then leave she may come back and if make a promise try to build up your friendship wall until its strong again but if not she/him not worth it.

Hope these points have helped and if not then contact me -
If you want anymore advice then comment below remember I can always talk and help.
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Erin x

Monday, 26 October 2015

My De-stress routine

My de stress routine 

Hi everyone hope you are having a good half term. Hope you lit a pumpkin scented candle or drank something in Starbucks . Anyway this post is always useful for us girls ( or boys) but mainly girls. School can be stressful through exams, friend issues or family so sometimes you need some me time and to get all the stress of your shoulder so I will take you through what I do to de-stress.

I firstly change out of my day clothes into some comfy over sized sweatshirt and sweatpants and take of any makeup I have on and jewelry I take off.  Then I make myself  a hot drink either a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate and cream with MARSHMELLOWS. Then I curl up in blankets and watch Netflix but I recommend a comedy or romance as this will help to clear your mind don't forget to light the candles. Then I have a pamper session lush and bubbles face mask and skincare routine. After that I go onto rituals and that is an awesome relaxing app which is great for de stressing their is also a shop so bonus and make sure you do some online shopping than I like to write a to do list or write down any thoughts on my mind in my journal and then I like to have a early life. Remember exams won't change your life you can only do your best so relax and breathe breathing helps.

So I hope this was helpful and don't worry your amazing enjoy your half term and don't forget to treat yourself ☺

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Erin x

Friday, 23 October 2015

The apps I couldn't live without

I've been at school now for a while and it's alright. I'm writing this blog in front of Great British Bake off, with a cup of tea and OREOS ! Best way to spend the evening I say. Today this blog is about my best apps. The phone I have is a Samsung so an android phone but most of the apps can be bought on App Store. So I'm going to get straight into it just to clarify. my instagram name is tumblr_.girl16  
sorry for the confusion.

  • Instagram- of course instagram my life !
  • snap chat
  • Youtube- As I live on it and I have a channel so you know need to keep up.
  • Tumblr
  • Wishbone so addictive ahh love it
  • Video show- my editing app
  • Kim Kardashian game- love it really fun, road trip must have
  • Polyvore If you like fashion then you will like this online shopping and designing own outfits who wouldn't want
  • Daily Workout- workout app really good lots of selection, levels etc
  • Forest- revision app grow trees you feel awful when you don't finish and you kill a tree.
  • Pixlr- photo edit for blog photos and instagram.
  • Retrica- lots of overlays and funky effects.
  • Bloglovin- I share my blog on their for popularity
  • Wish best ever app online cheap shopping but good quality
  • 10,10 the most addictive, annoying game.

Thanks for reading and go get these apps if you don't and their all free bonus! Hope you like and keep on reading and stay tuned my family.

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Why I started blogging

Why I started Blogging
Hi everyone at last half term has come before us YAY. We can now sleep in not here that annoying alarm clock in the morning, not bother doing our makeup or hair and just stay in our PJS all day drinking coffee and tea while watching your favourite Netflix series on repeat in the dark like a vampire.( guilty pleasure) welcome to my life. Anyway this blogpost isn't about me venting to you guys about my sad but everyone does it half term but why I started blogging. My last post was my dream for the next 5 years blog related I thought I tell you why I started. Here goes hope you like !
I was watching YouTube like any girl my age does looking at all the inspirational video these pretty girls do and then I heard my mum say Zoella ( big inspiration) has just gone and bought a million pound mansion. I thought to myself I love Zoella's blog and YouTube channel and thought to myself why not it will be fun. So I started my blog. I was bit sad at first when no one was reading it but I waited I joined bloglovin and my blog started to grow I so happy when I started getting such and such pageviews a day and I didn't want to let you guys down I started to commit more and make this something big and I really am from the bottom of my heart so passionate about my blog. When people comment I so pleased as I love reaching out to you guys. You can ask me anything email me about friends, advice anything I'm always happy to talk and trust me my friends will tell you that I certainly not afraid to talk! I'll put my email address down below. At school I love English anyway and blogging is a great way to get things of your chest and improve your English skills. So all these reason add up for me blogging and I'm definitely not gonna stop now so tell your friends and keep reading and we can have a chat. Gossip Girls we can be bit all good things ( Netflix reference I'm so bad!)
Hope this enlighten you about why I'm sitting here at my desk typing away on my laptop when the smells of onion come from downstairs to blog for you. I'll do a girly advice series if you like giving you advice with friends and some personal experience and other good stuff keep reading and have good half term and make sure you have some me time.
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Erin x

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Dream for the next 5 years

Hi everyone this term of school is going so sloooowwww it kills me but anyway sorry for no activity but I'm coming back this week little series is all about my blog. I'm going to write about my dream for my next five years blog related.

I'm 12 at the moment so in 5 years I'll be 17 17 how scary is that. So this is this.

1- obviously popularity to grow that would be amazing my page views are already high but I want to pay you guys my regular readers some pay back blog more, social media more does that even make sense ? But this one is a no brainer popularity.

2- To reach out to you guys don't be afraid to comment down below it makes me real happy when you do, or comment ideas for blog post, I give good advice as well so if you want to chat in private than just email me- . If my blog gets more popular than I want to start polls and maybe even a giveaway......

3- More than a hobby, start to commit more and turn this day time into something big which relates to my next one which is where I need you guys to comment what you think.

4- To earn and ads- would you guys be annoyed if I put ads on my blog as I want to earn from my blog but at the moment I writing because I love it not because I want to earn.

5- Get someone to design my blog so the design looks real nice and professional which hopefully will grow the popularity if you know anyone comment and also comment design ideas as looking to refresh.

Hope you liked and follow me on instagram-  tumblr_.girl16
checkout my youtube channel- Vintage Haxs   and SUSCRIBE !

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Monday, 21 September 2015

Red Magazine review

Hi everyone here I'm back and I won't let you down but today I'm doing a review. I haven't done many reviews so if you like let me know. I like writing what you want it helps me come up with ideas so don't be afraid to comment or contact me for advice. I'm on instagram- Vintage Haxs and I'm on 24/7 so that's the best way to get in contact. So to this post.

Red magazine, I've been reading them from June and they realise a new copy every month, when I go to the shop I can't wait to see it on the shelves I get so excited. Red is a fashion, beauty, makeup, lifestyle, travel and lots more. There is everything packed into it and is a go back magazine. It's £4
so I think it's reasonable price for the quantity and quality. If you want a curl up in bed, hot chocolate or tea to hand this is the magazine for you. They sometimes have small gifts but are high end so you get a little treat as well :). I highly rate this magazine and would definitely check it out, comment below your favourite magazine and I'll check it out too.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned and if you want something new to read this fall read this

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Fish Thing

Hello my wonderful blogger family I have missed you . summer went so quickly its depressing anyway im back to school new routine and ready to blog . So stay tuned today's blog is something to make you think hope you like and comment what you think below .If you would like to follow me go to Bloglovin as my blog is on there and it is easy to follow me on . p.s names Vintage Haxs for everything .

We see water that fish swim in
But we can't see air
What if fish can't see water
But they can see air .

Its short but this really stuck to me hope you like thinking about it . Your all amazing !

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Just wanted to say HIIII !!

Hello, I'm so haaaapppyyyy !!!!!! We did it on my blog we've got over 1000 views I know that over like tons of months but it's a start right. My next challenge for you is if we could get on one month 100 views..... ? If we did then I would answer any question you ask ( under restriction). So if you read my blog share it or tell a friend.

So I wanted to tell you that but I'll just say your all amazing people, your beautiful, smart and to all your friends your the best. Your my big blog family we're the Vintage Babes. Remember whatever anyone else says if your ever sad, hurt or just need someone to talk to speak to me over email, ( contact form) or Instagram- tumblr_.girl16   Hope you've had a fab day and hope this is a good way to end your day. Don't forget my YouTube- Vintage Haxs. Overall don't forget to smile

What to do when your bored in summer

Hi everyone, I know summer coming to the end and all but these last weeks will be when your bored as you've done all the exciting things you've already done. This is a list of all the things you could do comment below any other ideas which I would appreciated.  I'm going to try and fit a school series in but I'm very busy at the moment. Hope you like your beautiful and a wonderful person.

1- Hangout with friends
2- Go shopping with friends
3- Have a picnic in the summer sun
4- Try something new
5- Read a new book
6- Write your own book or song
7- Go on a walk
8- Take a risk, do something which you are scared off and try to defeat them I've wrote a post about how to face them.
9- Go swimming
10- Go school supplies shopping
11- Do a DIY project
12-  Have a pamper evening
13- Go to the beach
14- Bake something
15-  Cuddle with pets
16- Go see a movie
17- Raise money for a charity
18- Spend some quality time with family
19- Relax
20- Netflix, popcorn, PJ day

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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Long time no see ! and fav netflix show !!

Hey everyone at last summer has come. I'm so relieved. How your summer going so far comment below where your going or where you've been and plan for the summer if you like me to do summer recipes and things to do in the summer comment below. If you didn't know I went to Florida for 2 weeks and it was amazing so go check out my YouTube channel Vintage Haxs as I'll be posting tips on plane journey and what's in my carry on. But this blog is going to be about my favourite Netflix show. If you like this blog comment below it means a lot and lets see if this post will get our family here to 1000 pageviews and go follow me on bloglovin my username is Vintage Haxs and lets see if we could get to 20 followers, I know we can make this happen. Hope you enjoy.

My favourite show on Netflix is Pretty Little Liars. There are 6 season and I'm on season 2. PLL is a mystery, thriller, love, horror show. It includes 4 girls and there finding out that there bestfriend was murdered and they want to know who did it this takes them into problems they face along the way. I really enjoy watching it as it shocking every episode it sometimes a bit confusing but it's amazing and really addictive. Go check it out and tell me what you think.

Don't forget to comment other shows you think I should watch and also your favourite shows.

Hope you like, happy summer ! Enjoy it and keep reading for more updates :D

Bye !!! Vintage Haxs

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Pretty Little Liars ......

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

10 things all girls should know

Hey everyone. It's now June and nearly the summer holiday. YAY! This post is going to be 10 things all girls should know. If you like this blog comment below and if you need to talk I'm here if you need any advice I'm willing to help as well. Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel Vintage Haxs and subscribe and go check me out on Bloglovin and follow me there. This is a longer intro than normal if you like them say and not also say. Now into the blog. ENJOY !

10 Things all girls should know

  1. Don't rush into having a relationship. It may seem cool but really it's better to be single and waiting instead of taken and faking. Don't rush and only marry a man if you would be proud to have a son like him!
  2. If your life gets rough from friendship, family or school work, make sure you have some quality you time, you time is very important if it's just going on a walk or having a pamper evening de stress.
  3. Don't let anyone take advantage over you, they may be a writer but your not a piece of paper to be written all over. Stand up and make sure you have several good friends who will back you up in these times.
  4. Don't think about what you did wrong in the past think about what you could achieve in the future. If someone hurts you and you think why bother remember cry a river then build a boat and get over it. I promise you it will get better but you have to keep moving forwards.
  5. Remember don't be afraid to get rid of people in your life if there bringing you down. Make sure that your not treating them like your priority when your just an option.
  6. Don't try to be like someone else, you are awesome just the way you are born you are unique. Don't try to be like the crowd be yourself weird or quiet. You have to be odd to be number one. So don't be afraid to be who you are as you are the most amazing person on this universe.
  7. Smile and keep going it's going to be OK.....
  8. You only have one life so stop worrying about what could go wrong and think about what could go right. Remember always choose happiness don't do anything you feel uncomfortable doing but do try and change you cants into cans and face some fears.
  9. Don't let the world change who you are. Don't let the world and the people into treat you the way they want to treat you stand up and make your life ran by you, your life is under your control and your control only. So enjoy it.
  10. And the last one you are beautiful and amazing just the way you are. Remember your world will be tough so don't let it change smile but let your smile change the world.

Hope this has helped. Hope you've enjoyed reading it. Love number of pageviews.


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Thursday, 28 May 2015

A-Z on what to pack on asleepover.

Sleepovers are great so I thought I could have some fun with an A-Z on what to pack on a sleepover...

A- Apple incase you need a snack.
B- Bag.
C- Credit card I you were to go shopping.
D- DVD, movie night.
E-  Electronics- everyone brings them
G- Games to play.
H- Hair stuff, curlers etc.
I- Imagination, a box can be a time machine.
J- Journal, so you can write secrets... shoosh.
K- ?
M- Makeup or music or both.
N- Night wear.
O- Other clothes.
P-  Pamper supplies.
Q- Quirky new stuff, you want to show your friends.
R- Reminiscing - Refreshing your mind of the fun you have had before.
S- Sweets
T- Toothbrsuh and tooth paste
U-  Underwear, sometimes you just forget.
V- Various of activities and ideas.
W- Wash bag.
X- ?
Y-  Yourself !
Z- zzzzzz,some sleep.

It was hard but here it is !

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What makes a true friend

Random !
We all have friends that have betrayed us and we have friends that are like sister.
This post is all about what makes a true friend.

It's important that you can have a laugh with them.
That they care for you like your sister.
Is willing to be seen with you in public.
Eats your friends food without asking.
Only goes to school to see each other.
True friends stab each other with straws.
You know when there true as when you have a fight it can only get mad for a short period of time because you have to tell them something import.
Know your completely insane.
Is willing to stand in front of a train.

These are the main points. I have some amazing friends which make my world go round.

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My dream man

Everyone wants a perfect boyfriend and the one and only husband but we all do dream about that man. This is going to tell you about all the factors a man for me needs.

  • Small like me.
  • Brown comforting eyes
  • Strong and fit.
  • soft hair which I can run my fingers through.
  • Has good  style

  • Caring and loving
  • funny and friendly
  • respect me
  • Loves me the way I am.
  • Doesn't cheat I'm his only one.
  • Sporty and likes doing lots of activities.
  • Romantic

Other stuff
  • Family lover
  • Animal lover
  • Doesn't mind going shopping
  • Quite wealthy.

Remember the most important things are that he loves you the way you are and he has a good personality.
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Quote day

I was planning to do a quote Sunday but as you know it's not Sunday....
So I'm telling you my favourite quote at the moment.

Everyone wants
no one wants
but you
can't have
a little

I love this quote everyone goes through pain but everyone needs pain to have the happiness at the end.
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Bucket List before I die

I'm still trying to keep up with my post so now your going to get a boat load of post. This post is going to be A bucket list before I die. Hope you enjoy !

1- I want to have a big happy family.
2- A lovely husband who truly loves me.
3- Go to New York
4-  Walk down the red carpet.
5- Go to the moon.
6- Go travelling with my friends.
7- Make my blog massive around the world.
8- Become popular on YouTube.
9-  Start my own makeup and clothes line.
10- Write a book
11- Live a fulfilled healthy, happy life.
12- Become a vet.

This is only an extract of my bucket list but these are the ones which mean the most to me.

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

My favourite recipe

I'm so so behind but that's internet problems so I'm going to spam you with lots of post now that hopefully it will work. YouTube is dying on me so don't even ask the problem. This post is going to be all about my favourite recipes which I love. These are them.

1. Jammy Drops- From Let's cook with kids book written by Nicola Graimes.
I love these biscuit there my favourite things. I love making them in big batches.

What you need
100g of softened butter
5tbsp of caster sugar
1 egg, lightly beaten
1tsp of vanilla extract
4tbsp of cornflour
and desired amount of jam for the drop bit.

Large mixing bowl
electric hand whisk
wooden spoon
small bowl
2 baking sheets
baking paper

1- Put butter and caster sugar in mixing bowl whisk until creamy.
2- mix together the egg and vanilla extract in a separate bowl then add slowly while mixing it all together.
3- sieve the flour and cornflour into the bowl and fold together to make a fairly soft dough.
4- Turn on the oven to 180 degrees 350f gas mark 4. Line baking trays with sheets to stop sticking.
5- Take heaped spoon fulls of mixture and reapeat until all gone.
6- Chill biscuit for 15 mins then apply desired amount of jam on top it helps if you indent it first then bake for 12 minutes.

And wolah Jammy drops are made. Hope you enjoy as I find these very scrummy indeed.

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Thursday, 7 May 2015

What if .....

Hey everyone hope your bank holiday was exciting and a little break from all the stressful school work. I'm truly sorry but I've been rather busy and are behind both on blogging and YouTubing as my internet has went wrong. Now all is good and I can get back together with all my great viewers. This post today is going to be all about What if and it may turn a bit weird, as always I hope you like and comment below any opinions and views and request on post as I happy to do so.

What if- The air we breathe in is actually a drug and we see the world we see and when you take drugs you see the real world and that's why drugs are illegal.

What if- We are living in a dome and we are a fake world and the real world is looking down on us.

What if- The things you forgot to thank god for last night weren't there when you woke up.

What if- A mass killer sickness wiped out the world and you were the only one to survive.

What if- The world stopped spinning and darkness came upon.

What if- The sun got to close and burned the world and all of it's population.

These are just a view of the many things we need to take time to think over. I hope these have made you stop and think.

Bye for now xx

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Monday, 27 April 2015

About me

Hello my dear blogging family. I'm here today to write about me. On your profile you have a very small space to write about yourself so I thought I write a more in detailed one so you guys and me can become real good chums.

Lets get into it.
I'm Erin, and I'm in secondary school. I'm loving life at the moment even though exam are coming up it's great having my friends with me. So if you didn't know I get on with most people and have a large friendship bubble. My favourite subject at school is either Drama or History. History because of the teacher, he is the best teacher I have had in my whole life. He's funny and has that olden day way of teaching and I learn a lot from him. As I'm quite a confident person I love letting it all out through drama, I love performing in shows and competion. I'm taking Grade 3 acting in June... I'm rather musical I love having a sing in the shower and in there I sound like a international popstar, I don't know about you but we all do. I play piano and cornet I have passed my Grade 3 cornet and taking grade 1 in the summer. I love beauty and fashion and LOVE going shopping, I like learning about new styles and trends and finding out new techniques. If you have any tips on makeup etc comment below. I love animals and I want to be a vet when I'm older. My obsession is pugs they are my life and unicorns. Without Wifi and internet by world doesn't function. Instagram is my social media world so go follow me on that which is a new name tumblr_.girl16. Netflix makes me happy loving gossip girl, lush baths make my day. My bed is my my heaven, coffee keeps me alive.

This is all I can get of the top of my head but I hope it has helped you understand my craziness a bit better.

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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Places I like to travel

Hey sadly I'm back at school, homework, early mornings and lecture have fallen on me all at once. Luckily short term YAY. Also just to mention that I watched Avengers Age of Ultron, comment below if you would like a review of how I found it. Just a sum up though it was really good and great action movie and really got into it. 

So today I'm going to be writing a list. Personally I like list. I'm going to write about places I want to travel. Again comment below places you would want to go as there are some amazing places in the world.

I'm going to get straight into it. Don't forget to look at my YouTube channel as uploading Room Tour soon .....

Places I like to travel
  1. France, sightseeing, especially Paris but I hope my dream man takes me.
  2. Italy, been there once and would love to go again.
  3. Spain, for the sun and a relaxing time away.
  4. Germany, Never been and would love to go with a friend.
  5. Hawaii, Beach and sunsets.
  6. Florida, Disney and everything else.
  7. Singapore, just to see what it's like really.
  8. Malaysia
  9. Thailand
  10. Scotland
  11. Austrialla
  12. New York
  13. Hollywood
  14. Miami
  15. Iceland
  16. Canada
  17. Borneo
  18. Cyprus
  19. Greece
  20. Turkey
  21. Japan

These are just some I can think of now, so I hope this blog has inspired you to go travelling.

Bye for now

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Monday, 20 April 2015

Something close to my heart

I was debating writing this blog today but finally decided to write it. I haven't wrote a blog before  about something so related to my life, today I'm going to tell you about my granddad who sadly died in 2008. My Grandad was the best, I have so many great memories with him even though I only spent a little while with him. My granddad was quite young 61 I think he died overnight from suffering a stroke out of nowhere it came as a shock and was really sad at the time. Now over 7 years later I'm pretty much over it but if I'm ever in doubt or worrying about something I can always talk to him. Wherever I go I know he will be in my heart.

If you want some tips on how to easy grieving comment on one of my picture on instagram. My account is tumblr_.girl16.

Hope you liked this post even if it was depressing but I wanted to let my fellow bloggers into my life a bit more.

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Friday, 17 April 2015

How to face your fears

Hello World. The time is coming when it is nearly time to go back to school, the dreaded time is only a few days away, but to cheer myself up I'm going on a back to school shopping haul and other bits and bobs.
So this blog today is going to be about how you can face your fears, I'm going to give you 5 tips on how you can help conquer your fears once and for all.

I'm going to start of by telling you my fears and you may have friends that act all brave but actually they are most likely to have the most fears, you also might  have other friends who don't admit they have a phobia but they do. Now there are so many phobia you can have such as the dark or being home alone or phobia of always being alone, these are just a few of them.

Now my phobias and fears
1- Being home alone and hearing creaks, I don't mind being home alone say with my dog or something as you can say oh it's just the dog but when your completely alone and you hear stuff that always creeps me out. But this is a tip I've learnt, put some music on or the TV, sound is a great distraction and will make the room feel less tense.

2- Phobia of failing, I work really hard at school and always want to impress my teachers and parents, but when a test comes up I always worry so much and get so stressed over not passing and doing really badly. But most of the time I get a good score. Recently I've passed my Grade 3 cornet exam, so thrilled about that.

I don't have a lot of phobias but these are some I've wanted to share. Now to the tips on how to face your fears and phobia.

1-  Be positive, if your scared of heights and your decide your going to try to go up high and conquer that fear go up feeling positive when you get up there you'll have a little extra boost, say something like I can do it and repeat it. But if you go up there like Oh no I'm going to die, you'll get to the top and want to get down.

2-  Do it with your friends- If you have a fear of camping out, invite some friends round and do it together make it fun, play games, make it comfortable. Make sure you don't tell scary stories because then you have a doubt in the back of your mind, also make sure you have access back into your house if your not happy outside.

3- Distract your mind- Back to the fear of heights sometimes when I feel unsecure, I hum or sing a song which distracts my mind of the situation I'm in.

4- Find out some information about what your about to do- This will make you feel more comfortable about what your about to do and then you'll know what your about to face up to.

5-   Don't let your fears stand in front of your dreams, this quote says it all.

So I hope these tips have helped and now you will go out and start facing your fears.
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Monday, 13 April 2015

How to achieve your goals

My lovely new candles
Hey everyone, so sad that easter is nearly over, ;(. But we still have time to enjoy the sunshine until we get cramped up in a classroom for 5 weeks. Went to Ikea today, new candles= Lush. new clock cool. Pretty good day.

This blog today is going to be all about How to achieve your goals. In this blog I will be giving you tips on how to soar to the stars. Also Go check out my YouTube channel which I have done a blog on before hand. Also comment if you want a Q and A. Lets get started.

1- DREAM BIG- Follow your dreams and don't let anyone stop you from fulfilling them.

My new alarm clock
2- Be positive- Never look down, always look up. If you feel your plans or dreams are failing smile and keep on going because if you keep that positivity up you WILL  reach your goals and dreams.

3- Try Try and Try again- Never give up, if you have failed the first time get back up and try again, if you give up you'll never give up. Resilience is all you need.

4- Plan- Don't go into a struggling situation and not have planned in advance your more likely to succeed if you have an action plan.

5- Don't try to achieve a goal which you don't like- Achieve a goal related to your passion, if your not passionate about it you won't give a hundred per cent of you true capability to make this dream come true.

These are my five top tips on how to achieve your dreams and goals, never give up and keep going.

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Saturday, 11 April 2015

My Youtube Channel

I'm finally here to announce that my YouTube channel is up a running. YAY. So go check it out my channel is called Vintage Haxs. So go check it out right now. Stop reading and go find me. I will be posting fashion and beauty videos and recipes and routines and that's all. So for all my blogger chums go check it out I would highly appreciate it.


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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

What I got from my party

So my party was this Monday and I got tons of girly stuff I'm so happy.
1- a bff necklace
2- New Look voucher
3- Malteser.... YUM
4- Soap and Glory birthday set, which contains body butter and shower gel.
5- Charm bracelet
6- tiara
7- two pillows
8- two nail varnish, blue and green, by seventeen
9- Fruita lush set
10- PS. Love..... body lotion
11- Pot o gold shower jelly from lush
12- Rose bubble bar, lush
13- Sakura bath bomb, lush
14- Ickle baby bot bath bomb, lush
15- Think pink bath bomb, lush
16- Pop in the bath, bath bomb, lush
17- Fluffy egg bath bomb, lush
18- The Body shop white musk set which contains body lotion, shower gel and body mist.

So these are the items all my friends got me. As you can tell I'm a big lush and bath product fan.

so these are the gifts from all my fab friends, thank you lots. I've been spoilt rotten ;)
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Thursday, 2 April 2015

My favourite room

I thought I would tell you about my house and my favourite room in my house. I think it is the same for everyone. My favourite room is my bedroom.

My bedroom is my favourite room because it lets me have privacy. My bedroom is the room I film my videos in. OMG it has my bed in and my bed is my life. I love hanging in there and going through social media. I love watching Netflix up in the comfort of my bed instead of in front of everyone. I've recently just decorated so it matches my style perfectly.  It makes me feel safe and homely. I always sleep well in there. Overall it is great it is comfortable and sweet.

This is why my bedroom is my favourite room. I love being at home. My house is bigger another for what we need. Even though it is sometimes messy, it's our home and I love it.

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Why I'm feeling great at the moment

Hi, I'm feeling great at the moment for several reason. I thought I tell you all about it. Yesterday was just the start of why I feel great, I went on a shopping spree with all my gals and bought lots of nice items. Then I came home and decided to go on a run. I ran round several fields, it felt amazing getting out and getting fit. I came home to a lovely lush bath, which made my body feel great and totally relaxed my body. I watched Netflix and YouTube videos before going to bed. I woke up to clear blue skies with a gentle breeze which really uplifted my spirit. Later I'm going on a walk with my dog and my friends dog. It feels great getting out and getting fit. I'm also getting my hair cut and will post a pic of it when it's done. It's only 11 o clock but I'm feeling great and looking forward to the day ahead. :)

So these are the reason on why I'm feeling great and I wanted to blog about it because maybe this blog will give you some happiness to carry on the day with. Don't forget to smile and remember if your feeling down think positively and smile, this will boost your spirit, and good luck as it's April's fools day, hope you don't get pranked. :)

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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Thank you my dear coffee machine.......

I thought I would do a fun blog. This is a fun thing about how much I love my coffee machine.

Dear Coffee Machine,
Thank you so very much coffee machine for making my life happy again. In the morning when I'm a wreck, your always there to wake me up and give me hope. When I'm sad or cold you make me a warm hot chocolate. You do so much mocha's and latte and cappuccino.

My dear dear coffee machine you come in so many types, large or small. I'll never give up on you. You make the dark side happy again. You are my soul mate.

Sincerely Vintage Haxs xxxx 

This is my letter to a coffee machine and how much I love it.

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Monday, 30 March 2015


Hey everyone as I go to a private school we have broken up for spring break. YAY. Today it's my party. YAY. I'm having a pamper party, we are getting manicures, pedicures and facials. We will have pizza and mocktails and best of all chocolate fountain. So I'm relaxing in bed today until the evening when the party begins. I have been watching netflix most of the morning. going to have to setup soon and sort sleeping arrangements for the sleepover afterwards. Tired at the moment as did a 24 hour fundraiser this weekend. But we did raise over 1200 pounds for comic relief. Tomorrow we are going shopping and I will do a blog on what I got. I want be able to blog as I will be hanging with friends so decided to keep you informed on what I've done and what I'm doing.

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Thursday, 26 March 2015

5 Things I can't stand

This blog is all about things I just can't stand for. From horrible foods, to disgusting things at other people house.

1- I absolutely don't like banana. They are the worst. I wouldn't eat them for £20. YUCK
2- When you go round someone's house and you go to the toilet and they haven't flushed
3- Seeing someone pick their nose. That's why we have tissues.
4- That really annoying girl at school who is so clingy. Admit it their are always one.
5-  Really annoying adverts before a film in the cinema.

These are the 5 things I can't stand. Hope your enjoying my blogs.

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My top 10 websites I go on most often.

Hey !!!! This blog is all about the websites I go on most often. This doesn't contain social media as Instagram is my life. So here it is.

1- Blogger, so I can talk to you guys.
2- Bloglovin, So I can spread my blog and fine other blogs.
3- YouTube- I love watching people vlogging etc.
4- Netflix- Gossip Girl is my obsession it is the best.
5- Amazon- Online shopping....
6- Ebay- Again can't go wrong.
7- Etsy- So I can purchase some cool items.
8- Friv- Because I love playing games... I'm sad like that.
9- Animal rescue website because I love animals.
10- Google in general I'm obsessed with the internet.

That's it. These are my top 10 website I go on most often.

Bye for now

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Plant for the Planet

Hi guys. Hope you are well. I would like to make an announcement that this blog that I'm writing today is not written on my family computer it is actually written on my laptop. Yes I got an early birthday present. I'm so happy this laptop has opened up so many more opportunities. I will be blogging more and setting up a youtube channel. Yay. so now unto the blog.

I don't think you know that I'm part of a worldwide program/charity called Plant for the Planet. I have been a part of Plant for the Planet for a year and have done a lot. The first step is becoming an ambassador, which I am. I have led to academies one in which in London in front of 80 odd children. I have done a presentation in front of our mayor and council members and have received a reward as well. I have probably planted over 300 trees and definately got muddy along the way.

But what is Plant for the Planet. It is a program which wants to get kids involved as the adults aren't doing anything apart from talking. A boy in Germany called Felix was doing research and wanted to make a difference. He told his teacher and they started it. From then on he has spoken to 100 of world leaders and it is now in every continent. What we want is to decrease the carbon dioxide emission down and make the world people produce the same amount at the moment it isn't. Trees help us do it as they take in the carbon dioxide. We also have a chocolate which is called the Change chocolate it was made without using any co2 and it is fair-trade at the moment it isn't being sold in Europe.

This is a basic sum up of Plant for the Planet. Not everyone will like it but I wanted to let you know about it.


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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Netball match

Yes from all these sporting blogs you will now know that I'm a sporty person. I'm on most of the school sport teams and I love doing sport as it keeps me fit ☺. So today I played in a netball match with all my friends. Yes we won. Yeah !!!! We won 12- 2 so really good. We started of strongly and are still unbeaten. I had fun even though now my legs are killing me. :(. so I will be having a pamper evening tonight.

This is a short blog today but wanted to let you know what I've done today. Comment or email me what your favourite sport is or any other things you want to ask.
Or follow me on instagram vintagebae998877 to see what I get up to.

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Monday, 16 March 2015

Top 3 YouTubers

Thank you all my dear dear followers, to getting me up to 10 followers it may not sound a lot but to me it is like the whole world. I'm so grateful. Onto my blog as I'm loving YouTube so much I decided to do my top 3 favourite YouTubers. Hopefully will be starting my channel in April, tips would be found grateful. Comment or email me.

Top 5 Youtubers 

1- Of course Zoella
2- Tanya Burr
3- Naomi Smart

And these are them. They are all my inspirations check out there channels and blogs.

Hope you are enjoying my blogs and again thank you to all my followers.

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Hockey Tournament at Brockenhurst

Today I traveled up to Brockenhurst. Yeah I'm a chic with a stick ! Yeah I've been playing hockey since I was probably 5 maybe 4. My parents play and they have influenced me to take it up. I love doing it. It gets me going on a Saturday and really do recommend hockey if you are looking at joining a sport club. It is great for exercise. So if you are interested than take it and do it.

We started at 10:30 but are match wasn't the first. It was fun. We started of well. Our first match we drew 1-1 which was a good score. We had to wait for ages until are matches though. At least we had sweets and chocolate. The only bad thing about the day is that it was freezing. Bad. We played are second match which sadly we lost 4-0 but they were a very good team with more experience players. We only got to play 3 matches and sadly again we lost the last match. So we didn't win anything but it was fun and I had a good time.

I'm now in my onsie. I will be watching YouTube videos after this blog and then good old Sunday roast. Yum !

P.S Join a hockey club, you'll love it !

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

My smoothie recipe

Hey everyone at last the wonderful weekend is here. Thank the lords. Only two more week of school though. Yay. Busy though, have exams, projects to do, matches to attend and you guys to cater to. I will do a blog on how I manage to organize my life. This blog today is all about my smoothie that I drink basically every morning. This smoothie is great as it gives me lots of energy and that is definitely what I need in the morning.
My smoothie is.....

                                                              BERRY BLAST !!!!
1- Tesco 500g of mixed berry frozen fruits.
2- Tesco own strawberry drink yogurt.
3- A splash of a berry juice.

And that's it. This is a real simple recipe and will take you 2 minutes in the morning.

1- When you get your ingredients, I have these amazing pamper chef glass jars which I separate the fruit between so I have the portion ready in advance.
2- I grab my blender and the ingredients and just pour everything into the jug.
3- This is the best part BLEND UP EVERYTHING  !!!!
4- Grab yourself a glass, pour out and ENJOY !!!

That's it. It is amazing has great flavour and gives me the boost I need in the morning which is healthy for em. There are basically no downsides to this smoothie.

Go and try it yourself.

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This is the finished result....
Yum !!!!

Monday, 9 March 2015

My Evening Routine

Hey everyone !!!! Hope you had a fab weekend. Mine has been busy but real good. Comment a smiley face :) if you had a great weekend. But now the week is back. ;( and I have to go back to school and you back to work but luckily the Easter holidays are nearly here. HURRAY !! I have been having this sensation to do a blog on my evening routine for a while so here it is....
1- My school finishes at 4.
2- I come in dump my bag.
3- Food is a must today was a rivita thin and chutney and cheese. Yum
4- Then I run upstairs and go on my phone and Ipod, check social media and listen to music.
5- When I coax myself to move I go to the bathroom wash my face and wash my hand.
6- I go back to my bedroom have a big drink of water.
7- I get dress into some comfortable clothes.
8- I do my homework.
9- I practice my cornet
10- I have dinner with my family and have a good chat.
11- Read just to pass some time.
12- Then I blog to you guys. HEY !!!
13- After this I will watch YouTube videos and do something related on the internet.
14- I take my makeup off.
15- I have a shower or bath if i feel like it.
16- I get into my PJ'S and light my candles and put my fairy lights on. Make the room more comfy.
17- Do my evening facial routine which consist of facial wipes and moisturizer.
18- Do my evening yoga routine.
19- I read or go on my phone and Ipod again.
20- Then I go to bed...... NIGHT.


Friday, 6 March 2015

Why I started blogging

Hey hope you week has went well and you've learnt something. HAPPY FRIDAY !!!!!! Luckily for me this week has went quickly for me it has as well. but I'm so glad the weekend her, YAY. This is blog is all about why I started blogging. Hope you enjoy. Please read to the end as I'm holding a special thing at the end.

The reason I started blogging is because I saw Zoella book at school and I fell in love with it. I started of just reading it and then starting watching her YouTube videos. She is my inspirations which got me to start blogging. I then found Tanya burr and other blogger and vloggers and that's when I wanted to give it ago myself . I asked my parents and they were all up for it. I was so excited and over joyed. I was already loving journaling and wanted to express my feelings, thoughts and tips out to the nation. At first I didn't know what to blog about and thought my blog was rubbish. After a while of writing blogs I thought it was getting anywhere and know one was looking. I went to Google for advice. Then they told me about BlogLovin and set up an account on there that has helped me massively. I now have over 225 page views which makes me happy that at least people are looking and 5 followers on my blog. It may not seem a lot but to me it's like the world. All I want from my blog is to get more and more followers like Zoella and Tanya Burr. I hope my YouTube channel will help and that I start having lots of people watching and reading. If the type of things that i'm writing you don't enjoy then comment and give me advice or ideas. This is why I started blogging. :)

To anyone out there who is considering thinking about starting a blog then do it. It is great just letting what you think out. You may not think that anyone is watching but it will take a while it did take Zoella 3 and a half  years to get where she is. Don't hive up and try to blog as much as possible and believe in yourself. You will get some mean comments along the way ignore them and carry on strong because I can promise you there are people out there like you and have the same personality as you. Remember to smile and BLOG BLOG BLOG !!!!

So this is why I started blogging. I hope I've encourage people out there to start blogging, it's great. now the special surprise thing.
Comment on this blog a question you want to ask me and I will answer on a blog on the 1st of April. On a blog all about your question. So get thinking and comment or email me.

Have a good weekend. Again HAPPY FRIDAY

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Thursday, 5 March 2015

What's in my handbag

Like most girls we carry to much in our handbags. At the moment my favorite bag is my neon yellow satchel which is a small. I don't know why I'm loving it so much it just came along and I've fallen in love with it. It like I've made a new best friend. This blog is all about what is in my handbag.

1- Of course my purse which I have two of because I'm weird like that.
2- My phone and my Ipod which I have everywhere.
3- my camera just in case i see anything I want to take a picture of something.
4- my blogging notebook just in case I have any ideas for vloggs or blogs.
5- A packet of Cath Kidston tissue which are gorgeous.
6- Gum. A must.
7- a comb just in case my hair goes squiffy like it always does.
8- Lip balm to keep my lips moisturized.
9- Lip balm to add SPARKLE.
10- Any spare receipt for previous shops.

And that's it. I take my handbag everywhere. The only sad thing is I can't fit my laptop in my handbag.

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Bye xxxxxx

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

What's on my Ipod

This is what is on my Ipod sorry if it is rubbish-
All the usual Ipod apps, camera, facetime,calendar, contacts, settings,videos,maps, clock,weather,newsstand,notes, reminders, iTunes, game center, music, app store, calculator, stocks, Ibooks, Passbook, Voice memos and photos, mail, safari, imessage.

Games- cut the rope, jetpack joyride, pony trials, doodle jump, words, temple run 2, minecraft, fall down 2, coin dozer, prize claw, squishy birds, geometry lite, harbor free, the line, pics, pictoword, bubble free.

Usual things- two flashlight apps, translator, errands and Wikihow.

Other- secret diary, face q.

photography and editing apps- video star, photo collage, flipgram, retrica, instasize.

Wallpaper apps- wallaperHD wallpapers.

social- Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Youtube.

shopping- Amazon, Ebay, New Look, river island, Tesco,

My birthday wishlist

My birthday is in April. Yay I'm so excited. I can't wait for my party and my birthday itself but the problem is I want so much. So these are the things I want for my birthday. P.s also going to start a Youtube channel and start vlogging as I got my first video camera.
1- A laptop so I can blog more and vlog as I'm using the family computer.
2- Sims 4. It might sound sad but I'm obsessed.
3- A separate hard drive so I can put the disk in.
4- Turbie Towel. Best invention ever.
5- American dollars for shopping in Florida.
6- Money to buy clothes and sunglasses for Florida.
7- My piano tuned it's got to the stage when it sounds like hell.

It might not sound a lot but it is all quite expense. I'm also going to Germany in May and Florida in the summer. Soo my family are spending quite a lot of money at the moment.

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