Sunday, 15 March 2015

Hockey Tournament at Brockenhurst

Today I traveled up to Brockenhurst. Yeah I'm a chic with a stick ! Yeah I've been playing hockey since I was probably 5 maybe 4. My parents play and they have influenced me to take it up. I love doing it. It gets me going on a Saturday and really do recommend hockey if you are looking at joining a sport club. It is great for exercise. So if you are interested than take it and do it.

We started at 10:30 but are match wasn't the first. It was fun. We started of well. Our first match we drew 1-1 which was a good score. We had to wait for ages until are matches though. At least we had sweets and chocolate. The only bad thing about the day is that it was freezing. Bad. We played are second match which sadly we lost 4-0 but they were a very good team with more experience players. We only got to play 3 matches and sadly again we lost the last match. So we didn't win anything but it was fun and I had a good time.

I'm now in my onsie. I will be watching YouTube videos after this blog and then good old Sunday roast. Yum !

P.S Join a hockey club, you'll love it !

Logged on, Logged off xxxx

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