Friday, 17 April 2015

How to face your fears

Hello World. The time is coming when it is nearly time to go back to school, the dreaded time is only a few days away, but to cheer myself up I'm going on a back to school shopping haul and other bits and bobs.
So this blog today is going to be about how you can face your fears, I'm going to give you 5 tips on how you can help conquer your fears once and for all.

I'm going to start of by telling you my fears and you may have friends that act all brave but actually they are most likely to have the most fears, you also might  have other friends who don't admit they have a phobia but they do. Now there are so many phobia you can have such as the dark or being home alone or phobia of always being alone, these are just a few of them.

Now my phobias and fears
1- Being home alone and hearing creaks, I don't mind being home alone say with my dog or something as you can say oh it's just the dog but when your completely alone and you hear stuff that always creeps me out. But this is a tip I've learnt, put some music on or the TV, sound is a great distraction and will make the room feel less tense.

2- Phobia of failing, I work really hard at school and always want to impress my teachers and parents, but when a test comes up I always worry so much and get so stressed over not passing and doing really badly. But most of the time I get a good score. Recently I've passed my Grade 3 cornet exam, so thrilled about that.

I don't have a lot of phobias but these are some I've wanted to share. Now to the tips on how to face your fears and phobia.

1-  Be positive, if your scared of heights and your decide your going to try to go up high and conquer that fear go up feeling positive when you get up there you'll have a little extra boost, say something like I can do it and repeat it. But if you go up there like Oh no I'm going to die, you'll get to the top and want to get down.

2-  Do it with your friends- If you have a fear of camping out, invite some friends round and do it together make it fun, play games, make it comfortable. Make sure you don't tell scary stories because then you have a doubt in the back of your mind, also make sure you have access back into your house if your not happy outside.

3- Distract your mind- Back to the fear of heights sometimes when I feel unsecure, I hum or sing a song which distracts my mind of the situation I'm in.

4- Find out some information about what your about to do- This will make you feel more comfortable about what your about to do and then you'll know what your about to face up to.

5-   Don't let your fears stand in front of your dreams, this quote says it all.

So I hope these tips have helped and now you will go out and start facing your fears.
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  1. This has helped, thank you<3

  2. This has help so much especially that one about being home alone .. Thanks


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