Thursday, 15 October 2015

Dream for the next 5 years

Hi everyone this term of school is going so sloooowwww it kills me but anyway sorry for no activity but I'm coming back this week little series is all about my blog. I'm going to write about my dream for my next five years blog related.

I'm 12 at the moment so in 5 years I'll be 17 17 how scary is that. So this is this.

1- obviously popularity to grow that would be amazing my page views are already high but I want to pay you guys my regular readers some pay back blog more, social media more does that even make sense ? But this one is a no brainer popularity.

2- To reach out to you guys don't be afraid to comment down below it makes me real happy when you do, or comment ideas for blog post, I give good advice as well so if you want to chat in private than just email me- . If my blog gets more popular than I want to start polls and maybe even a giveaway......

3- More than a hobby, start to commit more and turn this day time into something big which relates to my next one which is where I need you guys to comment what you think.

4- To earn and ads- would you guys be annoyed if I put ads on my blog as I want to earn from my blog but at the moment I writing because I love it not because I want to earn.

5- Get someone to design my blog so the design looks real nice and professional which hopefully will grow the popularity if you know anyone comment and also comment design ideas as looking to refresh.

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