Saturday, 14 March 2015

My smoothie recipe

Hey everyone at last the wonderful weekend is here. Thank the lords. Only two more week of school though. Yay. Busy though, have exams, projects to do, matches to attend and you guys to cater to. I will do a blog on how I manage to organize my life. This blog today is all about my smoothie that I drink basically every morning. This smoothie is great as it gives me lots of energy and that is definitely what I need in the morning.
My smoothie is.....

                                                              BERRY BLAST !!!!
1- Tesco 500g of mixed berry frozen fruits.
2- Tesco own strawberry drink yogurt.
3- A splash of a berry juice.

And that's it. This is a real simple recipe and will take you 2 minutes in the morning.

1- When you get your ingredients, I have these amazing pamper chef glass jars which I separate the fruit between so I have the portion ready in advance.
2- I grab my blender and the ingredients and just pour everything into the jug.
3- This is the best part BLEND UP EVERYTHING  !!!!
4- Grab yourself a glass, pour out and ENJOY !!!

That's it. It is amazing has great flavour and gives me the boost I need in the morning which is healthy for em. There are basically no downsides to this smoothie.

Go and try it yourself.

Logged on now logged off xxxx

This is the finished result....
Yum !!!!

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