Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Long time no see ! and fav netflix show !!

Hey everyone at last summer has come. I'm so relieved. How your summer going so far comment below where your going or where you've been and plan for the summer if you like me to do summer recipes and things to do in the summer comment below. If you didn't know I went to Florida for 2 weeks and it was amazing so go check out my YouTube channel Vintage Haxs as I'll be posting tips on plane journey and what's in my carry on. But this blog is going to be about my favourite Netflix show. If you like this blog comment below it means a lot and lets see if this post will get our family here to 1000 pageviews and go follow me on bloglovin my username is Vintage Haxs and lets see if we could get to 20 followers, I know we can make this happen. Hope you enjoy.

My favourite show on Netflix is Pretty Little Liars. There are 6 season and I'm on season 2. PLL is a mystery, thriller, love, horror show. It includes 4 girls and there finding out that there bestfriend was murdered and they want to know who did it this takes them into problems they face along the way. I really enjoy watching it as it shocking every episode it sometimes a bit confusing but it's amazing and really addictive. Go check it out and tell me what you think.

Don't forget to comment other shows you think I should watch and also your favourite shows.

Hope you like, happy summer ! Enjoy it and keep reading for more updates :D

Bye !!! Vintage Haxs

Logged on now Logged Off xx

Pretty Little Liars ......

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