Thursday, 2 April 2015

My favourite room

I thought I would tell you about my house and my favourite room in my house. I think it is the same for everyone. My favourite room is my bedroom.

My bedroom is my favourite room because it lets me have privacy. My bedroom is the room I film my videos in. OMG it has my bed in and my bed is my life. I love hanging in there and going through social media. I love watching Netflix up in the comfort of my bed instead of in front of everyone. I've recently just decorated so it matches my style perfectly.  It makes me feel safe and homely. I always sleep well in there. Overall it is great it is comfortable and sweet.

This is why my bedroom is my favourite room. I love being at home. My house is bigger another for what we need. Even though it is sometimes messy, it's our home and I love it.

Logged on Now logged off xx 

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