Saturday, 21 November 2015

Girly advice part 2 Boys and Boyfriends.....

Hey everyone I'm startingto get under eye bags no full stop just no..... School is clearly killing me how are you finding it. Well hey whose excited for Christmas I've started reciting songs ( not sad ) and Christmas present shopping but hey I love Christmas but this blog isn't about Christmas but Christmas is coming ..... So I hope this post helps you a bit if your in a relationship and needing some advice.

Ground rules and things I hate in relationships

DO NOT BE THAT COUPLE WHO CANT SPEAK OR MAKE CONTACT WITH EACH OTHER IN SCHOOL !!! this annoys me sooooooooooooooooooooo much I can't stress I think to myself what's the point your wasting your time but hey your choice.

Don't go in a relationship if you don't want to. Dares are stupid and don't feel peer pressured to have a boyfriend.

Don't think its cool having a boyfriend, if the rest of the crowd has boyfriends doesn't mean you need have one.

Make sure the boy respects you for you and your NOT in a abuse or hurting relationship. If you are dont hide away behind locked doors leave and never look back and make sure you tell someone.

I've had a few not big relationship
They were fine and im happy with all outcome
Most boys are stupid self assured prats and they smell sooo bad but I do have some friends which are boys and they are awesome and the best. Its alright to have friends which are boys.

The most important thing in a relationship is that you respect each other and you get along. You have some of the same personalities but a few different so you try new things. Make sure the boy is kind and caring not cruel and abusive.

Don't be scared to leave a relationship that's fine if its not meant to be then ok. You will one day fine the perfect match don't rush it love will come around for now enjoy having a boyfriend or be a single pringle either way as long as your happy that's what's important.

I hoped this helped if your a taken bacon or a single pringle make sure your happy and remember it's only 34 days till Christmas! Christmas posts coming soon :D

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