Monday, 27 April 2015

About me

Hello my dear blogging family. I'm here today to write about me. On your profile you have a very small space to write about yourself so I thought I write a more in detailed one so you guys and me can become real good chums.

Lets get into it.
I'm Erin, and I'm in secondary school. I'm loving life at the moment even though exam are coming up it's great having my friends with me. So if you didn't know I get on with most people and have a large friendship bubble. My favourite subject at school is either Drama or History. History because of the teacher, he is the best teacher I have had in my whole life. He's funny and has that olden day way of teaching and I learn a lot from him. As I'm quite a confident person I love letting it all out through drama, I love performing in shows and competion. I'm taking Grade 3 acting in June... I'm rather musical I love having a sing in the shower and in there I sound like a international popstar, I don't know about you but we all do. I play piano and cornet I have passed my Grade 3 cornet and taking grade 1 in the summer. I love beauty and fashion and LOVE going shopping, I like learning about new styles and trends and finding out new techniques. If you have any tips on makeup etc comment below. I love animals and I want to be a vet when I'm older. My obsession is pugs they are my life and unicorns. Without Wifi and internet by world doesn't function. Instagram is my social media world so go follow me on that which is a new name tumblr_.girl16. Netflix makes me happy loving gossip girl, lush baths make my day. My bed is my my heaven, coffee keeps me alive.

This is all I can get of the top of my head but I hope it has helped you understand my craziness a bit better.

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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Places I like to travel

Hey sadly I'm back at school, homework, early mornings and lecture have fallen on me all at once. Luckily short term YAY. Also just to mention that I watched Avengers Age of Ultron, comment below if you would like a review of how I found it. Just a sum up though it was really good and great action movie and really got into it. 

So today I'm going to be writing a list. Personally I like list. I'm going to write about places I want to travel. Again comment below places you would want to go as there are some amazing places in the world.

I'm going to get straight into it. Don't forget to look at my YouTube channel as uploading Room Tour soon .....

Places I like to travel
  1. France, sightseeing, especially Paris but I hope my dream man takes me.
  2. Italy, been there once and would love to go again.
  3. Spain, for the sun and a relaxing time away.
  4. Germany, Never been and would love to go with a friend.
  5. Hawaii, Beach and sunsets.
  6. Florida, Disney and everything else.
  7. Singapore, just to see what it's like really.
  8. Malaysia
  9. Thailand
  10. Scotland
  11. Austrialla
  12. New York
  13. Hollywood
  14. Miami
  15. Iceland
  16. Canada
  17. Borneo
  18. Cyprus
  19. Greece
  20. Turkey
  21. Japan

These are just some I can think of now, so I hope this blog has inspired you to go travelling.

Bye for now

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Monday, 20 April 2015

Something close to my heart

I was debating writing this blog today but finally decided to write it. I haven't wrote a blog before  about something so related to my life, today I'm going to tell you about my granddad who sadly died in 2008. My Grandad was the best, I have so many great memories with him even though I only spent a little while with him. My granddad was quite young 61 I think he died overnight from suffering a stroke out of nowhere it came as a shock and was really sad at the time. Now over 7 years later I'm pretty much over it but if I'm ever in doubt or worrying about something I can always talk to him. Wherever I go I know he will be in my heart.

If you want some tips on how to easy grieving comment on one of my picture on instagram. My account is tumblr_.girl16.

Hope you liked this post even if it was depressing but I wanted to let my fellow bloggers into my life a bit more.

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Friday, 17 April 2015

How to face your fears

Hello World. The time is coming when it is nearly time to go back to school, the dreaded time is only a few days away, but to cheer myself up I'm going on a back to school shopping haul and other bits and bobs.
So this blog today is going to be about how you can face your fears, I'm going to give you 5 tips on how you can help conquer your fears once and for all.

I'm going to start of by telling you my fears and you may have friends that act all brave but actually they are most likely to have the most fears, you also might  have other friends who don't admit they have a phobia but they do. Now there are so many phobia you can have such as the dark or being home alone or phobia of always being alone, these are just a few of them.

Now my phobias and fears
1- Being home alone and hearing creaks, I don't mind being home alone say with my dog or something as you can say oh it's just the dog but when your completely alone and you hear stuff that always creeps me out. But this is a tip I've learnt, put some music on or the TV, sound is a great distraction and will make the room feel less tense.

2- Phobia of failing, I work really hard at school and always want to impress my teachers and parents, but when a test comes up I always worry so much and get so stressed over not passing and doing really badly. But most of the time I get a good score. Recently I've passed my Grade 3 cornet exam, so thrilled about that.

I don't have a lot of phobias but these are some I've wanted to share. Now to the tips on how to face your fears and phobia.

1-  Be positive, if your scared of heights and your decide your going to try to go up high and conquer that fear go up feeling positive when you get up there you'll have a little extra boost, say something like I can do it and repeat it. But if you go up there like Oh no I'm going to die, you'll get to the top and want to get down.

2-  Do it with your friends- If you have a fear of camping out, invite some friends round and do it together make it fun, play games, make it comfortable. Make sure you don't tell scary stories because then you have a doubt in the back of your mind, also make sure you have access back into your house if your not happy outside.

3- Distract your mind- Back to the fear of heights sometimes when I feel unsecure, I hum or sing a song which distracts my mind of the situation I'm in.

4- Find out some information about what your about to do- This will make you feel more comfortable about what your about to do and then you'll know what your about to face up to.

5-   Don't let your fears stand in front of your dreams, this quote says it all.

So I hope these tips have helped and now you will go out and start facing your fears.
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Monday, 13 April 2015

How to achieve your goals

My lovely new candles
Hey everyone, so sad that easter is nearly over, ;(. But we still have time to enjoy the sunshine until we get cramped up in a classroom for 5 weeks. Went to Ikea today, new candles= Lush. new clock cool. Pretty good day.

This blog today is going to be all about How to achieve your goals. In this blog I will be giving you tips on how to soar to the stars. Also Go check out my YouTube channel which I have done a blog on before hand. Also comment if you want a Q and A. Lets get started.

1- DREAM BIG- Follow your dreams and don't let anyone stop you from fulfilling them.

My new alarm clock
2- Be positive- Never look down, always look up. If you feel your plans or dreams are failing smile and keep on going because if you keep that positivity up you WILL  reach your goals and dreams.

3- Try Try and Try again- Never give up, if you have failed the first time get back up and try again, if you give up you'll never give up. Resilience is all you need.

4- Plan- Don't go into a struggling situation and not have planned in advance your more likely to succeed if you have an action plan.

5- Don't try to achieve a goal which you don't like- Achieve a goal related to your passion, if your not passionate about it you won't give a hundred per cent of you true capability to make this dream come true.

These are my five top tips on how to achieve your dreams and goals, never give up and keep going.

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Saturday, 11 April 2015

My Youtube Channel

I'm finally here to announce that my YouTube channel is up a running. YAY. So go check it out my channel is called Vintage Haxs. So go check it out right now. Stop reading and go find me. I will be posting fashion and beauty videos and recipes and routines and that's all. So for all my blogger chums go check it out I would highly appreciate it.


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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

What I got from my party

So my party was this Monday and I got tons of girly stuff I'm so happy.
1- a bff necklace
2- New Look voucher
3- Malteser.... YUM
4- Soap and Glory birthday set, which contains body butter and shower gel.
5- Charm bracelet
6- tiara
7- two pillows
8- two nail varnish, blue and green, by seventeen
9- Fruita lush set
10- PS. Love..... body lotion
11- Pot o gold shower jelly from lush
12- Rose bubble bar, lush
13- Sakura bath bomb, lush
14- Ickle baby bot bath bomb, lush
15- Think pink bath bomb, lush
16- Pop in the bath, bath bomb, lush
17- Fluffy egg bath bomb, lush
18- The Body shop white musk set which contains body lotion, shower gel and body mist.

So these are the items all my friends got me. As you can tell I'm a big lush and bath product fan.

so these are the gifts from all my fab friends, thank you lots. I've been spoilt rotten ;)
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Thursday, 2 April 2015

My favourite room

I thought I would tell you about my house and my favourite room in my house. I think it is the same for everyone. My favourite room is my bedroom.

My bedroom is my favourite room because it lets me have privacy. My bedroom is the room I film my videos in. OMG it has my bed in and my bed is my life. I love hanging in there and going through social media. I love watching Netflix up in the comfort of my bed instead of in front of everyone. I've recently just decorated so it matches my style perfectly.  It makes me feel safe and homely. I always sleep well in there. Overall it is great it is comfortable and sweet.

This is why my bedroom is my favourite room. I love being at home. My house is bigger another for what we need. Even though it is sometimes messy, it's our home and I love it.

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Why I'm feeling great at the moment

Hi, I'm feeling great at the moment for several reason. I thought I tell you all about it. Yesterday was just the start of why I feel great, I went on a shopping spree with all my gals and bought lots of nice items. Then I came home and decided to go on a run. I ran round several fields, it felt amazing getting out and getting fit. I came home to a lovely lush bath, which made my body feel great and totally relaxed my body. I watched Netflix and YouTube videos before going to bed. I woke up to clear blue skies with a gentle breeze which really uplifted my spirit. Later I'm going on a walk with my dog and my friends dog. It feels great getting out and getting fit. I'm also getting my hair cut and will post a pic of it when it's done. It's only 11 o clock but I'm feeling great and looking forward to the day ahead. :)

So these are the reason on why I'm feeling great and I wanted to blog about it because maybe this blog will give you some happiness to carry on the day with. Don't forget to smile and remember if your feeling down think positively and smile, this will boost your spirit, and good luck as it's April's fools day, hope you don't get pranked. :)

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