Tuesday, 29 March 2016

March favourites

Hi guys
Hope you had a fabulous Easter and got lots of chocolate, as I did! Anyway hope you also having a great holiday. As you know March is coming to the end and soon April will be here, YAY my birthday month! March has been a really great month. It has been raining a lot in the UK but their have been times of Spring like weather ie sun and flowers. I can't wait for spring to be properly here and I really want to get some new bedroom decor. Anyway now onto the post. Hope you enjoy 😊


- Collection perfection concealer 
Does what it says on the package literally last all day and covers dark circles and blemishes really well and it can also be used as a highlighter. For such a cheap price can't see anything wrong.

- Mac lipstick in shade Peach blossom 
This is my first Mac lipstick that I got for a present and it lovely natural nude, it last all day and is really nice finish on your lips. Can't wait to buy more and I definitely think those worth the money. Which shades do you recommend let me know. 


- Botanics foaming cleansing face wash 
I've had this for a while but this month I've been really loving it, it's super gentle and lifts off makeup easily and leaves your face feeling refreshed so a big thumbs up from me. 

Home decor

- My new cactus (Fred!) 
So I've been wanting to get a cactus for a while and finally have, I'm rubbish with keeping plants alive so I thought a low mantaince plant would be perfect like a cactus and also their soo tumblr, so get ready to see Instagram picture of Fred! 

- IKEA metal draws
I absolutely love them, their soo great for storage and very easy to move as on wheels. I store my nail varnishes, earrings, makeup, electrical stuff, planner goodies and travel beauty bags. If you guys would like a tour let me know.


- Pineapple skirt from Primark £2 ( on sale )
Like honestly I saw it was £2 and had pineapples, I was going to buy it. It was a super soft material and really nice length but need to find a top to wear with it, mission excepted! 

Not a very good picture the pineapples are more yellow! 

- Brogue type shoes 
I got these from my cousin and I already love them, their brown and soo stylish and classy and I really like them either for going  out for dinner or a trip into town. I also been wanting a pair like these for a while and thrilled that I've got them now !

- Light pink tassled bag 
I also got this for my birthday as I had an early party and I'm in love, it has so many storage spaces and an awesome pocket in the front. It's much smaller but I like that. If you wanted a more in detailed post let me know and I can do that. 


- Easter eggs
This should be everyone favourite and I'm such a chocoholic so extra chocolate makes me soo happy and I have a sugar rush so fun for everyone else, what's your favourite type of chocolate ? Mine mist be milk! 

- Revison book thing 
Sadly summer exam are coming and I wanted to get some Revison stuff ready and I saw this is whsmiths and thought it was really clever, it's quite big with dividers so will be perfect for when I start revising ! It was only £3.99, so great value for something so useful. I can do a blogpost on study tips and hacks.

- Unicorn pen 
OMG it's so freakin cute, I carry it in my bag, it's a perfect size, yeah and it's a unicorn pen like who wouldn't want one! 

So these have been the things I've been loving this month, hope you enjoyed this post, have a fab holiday ! 

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Saturday, 12 March 2016

My Birthday Wishlist

Hi everyone, nearly the Easter holidays, YAY. But first of all thanks to you the readers for so many pageviews it's crazy so I thought you deserved a post! So today post is going to be a birthday Wishlist as my birthday is coming up in April. Ahh I'm turning a teen 13. So these are the things I'm asking for and I can tell you I'm not expecting all of this but I thought I would let you know and if your birthday soon this would give you some ideas. Hope you enjoy and keep reading.

1. Copper lamp, 
Well I saw these in several shops and really like them and want them for my bedroom. Here's a picture

Makeup- From America
Well my parents are going to New York and I want them to bring me back some makeup and stuff from America like The Naked Palette, Nars and others also stuff from Bath and Body Works and of course Target.

Little mix latest album 
Cold plays latest album

Jacks wills perfume or body mist 
I wanted to purchase one befor Christmas but never got round to it so now I really want it as love the smell.

Michael Kors perfume- The citrus one I think!
I saw it in Swansea and loved the smell and packaging and really want.a fruity perfume for spring/summer.

Tripod- Mainly for my YouTube as is such a struggle trying to film with just my IPad.

Clamp Light/ Ring light 
Living in Britain causes problems as is soo dark especially in my room so some lighting would be useful!

Fairy lights- I already have some but I want to put more round my room so I can make a good background etc and of course to have a tumblr room!

Planner stickers- I've been wanting to use my planner lots this year but want to get some cute stickers from etsy or paperchase to make my planner look more inviting and of course cute. If I do expect planner post coming soon. Comment if you want them.

A line a day journal
This year I've been trying to be positive and happy and really want to treasure this year so recording highlights in a book is some thig I really ant to try and upkeep.

Happiness Planner
I already have a paperchase planner which I use for daily stuff and another planner for YouTube/blog but I really want to get a happiness planner so I can write down good things their so I can mane this a great year and of course a Instagram worthy picture.

Pretty self explanatory but I'm running low but it's alright I'm having a lush party soon so I can stock up and of course my friends never let me down.

High waisted jeans 
I've been wanting to get some for a while but have been waiting for my birthday as I didn't want to pay the cash but really like the ones from New Look in a darkish blue or light washed style. 

Frends headphones 
Well this is quite an expensive one but I've heard really good things about them and really need some new headphone and love the look. I love how they look and the packaging and of course want the rose gold ones! 

Finally Money and vouchers and food

So this is want I want and if course I may ask for other clothes items but this is the list if your looking for some inspiration here's my list remember to comment below any ideas you guys have as would love to here. Hope you enjoyed. Bye 

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