Thursday, 18 February 2016

Exciting news cough cough PROMO CODE

Hello everyone and as it was our one year anniversary I thought we could all treat ourselves to a new bikini or swimsuit! I have been lucky enough to collab with To Die For Swimwear. They sell a big varieties of swimsuits and bikinis, ( I personally love their Kenzi range) Anyway so if your feeling like treating yourself use my promo code- TUMBLRGIRL16 and get yourself free delivery ! But my promo code only last a month. But now I'll tell you a little more about them. 

They were founded in Stockholm in a small office but now are a massive global company. They are now based in Stockholm, California and San Francisco, now you see that free delivery is great ! 
They are inspired by the culture ofAmericas wet coast and their bikinis and swimsuits design are both sexy and cute! 

But what I really love about them is they believe in healthily not skinny. Before casting their models they check they are healthy, eating normally and without dieting. This aspect of their company is very important to them and working with healthy models is one of their companies core beliefs.

They believe spreading the love of swimwear starts by spreading the love of your own body. That is why they donate funds to charities who support people with eating disorders and I think that's great why do people have to be a size 2 to be "pretty", "fit". But To die For swimwear wants you to feel healthy, confident and even sexy and cute , in their swimsuits. 

All these reason why you should buy your summer bikini from To die for Swimwear so use this link- 

To go buy your today and use my code


To get free delivery.Remeber you only have a month to use my code so get going 

So remember don't change yourself to be a skinny unhealthy you be healthy and of course eating normally you as I and To die for Swimwear think your the most beautiful you are when your like this.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and you do decide to buy one let me know in the comments and if you think your falling into the trap of eating disorders don't be afraid to contact me or To die for swimwear I'm sure we're happy to help! Anyway have a fab half term ! 

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Monday, 15 February 2016

One year anniversary

Hi everyone! It's half term YAY! I'm in Wales again this year and guess what it's not raining! Anyway I'm sitting on the sofa in the holiday home and composing this blog post as somewhen this week it will be my blogs 1st anniversary, I would have been blogging for a year. WOW. 

Blogging has been my hobby and I've tried to be as committed as possible but you know I blog when I have inspirations but this year I really going to try to sort out a day to upload and the quality of my content. 

Easy not the right word to use I've had challenges on my blog, like the design and trying to get page views and readers but I really enjoy doing it. When one of you comments asking for advice or a small email wanting an opinion or help! All is welcome 😊

So I was just writing to let you know and lots more will come ! Have a fab half term as well and hope you had a great Valentine's Day if your a single pringle like me or lucky enough to be taken bacon and have that lucky guy! 

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