Monday, 26 October 2015

My De-stress routine

My de stress routine 

Hi everyone hope you are having a good half term. Hope you lit a pumpkin scented candle or drank something in Starbucks . Anyway this post is always useful for us girls ( or boys) but mainly girls. School can be stressful through exams, friend issues or family so sometimes you need some me time and to get all the stress of your shoulder so I will take you through what I do to de-stress.

I firstly change out of my day clothes into some comfy over sized sweatshirt and sweatpants and take of any makeup I have on and jewelry I take off.  Then I make myself  a hot drink either a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate and cream with MARSHMELLOWS. Then I curl up in blankets and watch Netflix but I recommend a comedy or romance as this will help to clear your mind don't forget to light the candles. Then I have a pamper session lush and bubbles face mask and skincare routine. After that I go onto rituals and that is an awesome relaxing app which is great for de stressing their is also a shop so bonus and make sure you do some online shopping than I like to write a to do list or write down any thoughts on my mind in my journal and then I like to have a early life. Remember exams won't change your life you can only do your best so relax and breathe breathing helps.

So I hope this was helpful and don't worry your amazing enjoy your half term and don't forget to treat yourself ☺

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Erin x

Friday, 23 October 2015

The apps I couldn't live without

I've been at school now for a while and it's alright. I'm writing this blog in front of Great British Bake off, with a cup of tea and OREOS ! Best way to spend the evening I say. Today this blog is about my best apps. The phone I have is a Samsung so an android phone but most of the apps can be bought on App Store. So I'm going to get straight into it just to clarify. my instagram name is tumblr_.girl16  
sorry for the confusion.

  • Instagram- of course instagram my life !
  • snap chat
  • Youtube- As I live on it and I have a channel so you know need to keep up.
  • Tumblr
  • Wishbone so addictive ahh love it
  • Video show- my editing app
  • Kim Kardashian game- love it really fun, road trip must have
  • Polyvore If you like fashion then you will like this online shopping and designing own outfits who wouldn't want
  • Daily Workout- workout app really good lots of selection, levels etc
  • Forest- revision app grow trees you feel awful when you don't finish and you kill a tree.
  • Pixlr- photo edit for blog photos and instagram.
  • Retrica- lots of overlays and funky effects.
  • Bloglovin- I share my blog on their for popularity
  • Wish best ever app online cheap shopping but good quality
  • 10,10 the most addictive, annoying game.

Thanks for reading and go get these apps if you don't and their all free bonus! Hope you like and keep on reading and stay tuned my family.

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Why I started blogging

Why I started Blogging
Hi everyone at last half term has come before us YAY. We can now sleep in not here that annoying alarm clock in the morning, not bother doing our makeup or hair and just stay in our PJS all day drinking coffee and tea while watching your favourite Netflix series on repeat in the dark like a vampire.( guilty pleasure) welcome to my life. Anyway this blogpost isn't about me venting to you guys about my sad but everyone does it half term but why I started blogging. My last post was my dream for the next 5 years blog related I thought I tell you why I started. Here goes hope you like !
I was watching YouTube like any girl my age does looking at all the inspirational video these pretty girls do and then I heard my mum say Zoella ( big inspiration) has just gone and bought a million pound mansion. I thought to myself I love Zoella's blog and YouTube channel and thought to myself why not it will be fun. So I started my blog. I was bit sad at first when no one was reading it but I waited I joined bloglovin and my blog started to grow I so happy when I started getting such and such pageviews a day and I didn't want to let you guys down I started to commit more and make this something big and I really am from the bottom of my heart so passionate about my blog. When people comment I so pleased as I love reaching out to you guys. You can ask me anything email me about friends, advice anything I'm always happy to talk and trust me my friends will tell you that I certainly not afraid to talk! I'll put my email address down below. At school I love English anyway and blogging is a great way to get things of your chest and improve your English skills. So all these reason add up for me blogging and I'm definitely not gonna stop now so tell your friends and keep reading and we can have a chat. Gossip Girls we can be bit all good things ( Netflix reference I'm so bad!)
Hope this enlighten you about why I'm sitting here at my desk typing away on my laptop when the smells of onion come from downstairs to blog for you. I'll do a girly advice series if you like giving you advice with friends and some personal experience and other good stuff keep reading and have good half term and make sure you have some me time.
Instagram-  tumblr_.girl16 ( just refreshed)
Youtube channel-  Vintage Haxs
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Erin x

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Dream for the next 5 years

Hi everyone this term of school is going so sloooowwww it kills me but anyway sorry for no activity but I'm coming back this week little series is all about my blog. I'm going to write about my dream for my next five years blog related.

I'm 12 at the moment so in 5 years I'll be 17 17 how scary is that. So this is this.

1- obviously popularity to grow that would be amazing my page views are already high but I want to pay you guys my regular readers some pay back blog more, social media more does that even make sense ? But this one is a no brainer popularity.

2- To reach out to you guys don't be afraid to comment down below it makes me real happy when you do, or comment ideas for blog post, I give good advice as well so if you want to chat in private than just email me- . If my blog gets more popular than I want to start polls and maybe even a giveaway......

3- More than a hobby, start to commit more and turn this day time into something big which relates to my next one which is where I need you guys to comment what you think.

4- To earn and ads- would you guys be annoyed if I put ads on my blog as I want to earn from my blog but at the moment I writing because I love it not because I want to earn.

5- Get someone to design my blog so the design looks real nice and professional which hopefully will grow the popularity if you know anyone comment and also comment design ideas as looking to refresh.

Hope you liked and follow me on instagram-  tumblr_.girl16
checkout my youtube channel- Vintage Haxs   and SUSCRIBE !

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