Monday, 13 April 2015

How to achieve your goals

My lovely new candles
Hey everyone, so sad that easter is nearly over, ;(. But we still have time to enjoy the sunshine until we get cramped up in a classroom for 5 weeks. Went to Ikea today, new candles= Lush. new clock cool. Pretty good day.

This blog today is going to be all about How to achieve your goals. In this blog I will be giving you tips on how to soar to the stars. Also Go check out my YouTube channel which I have done a blog on before hand. Also comment if you want a Q and A. Lets get started.

1- DREAM BIG- Follow your dreams and don't let anyone stop you from fulfilling them.

My new alarm clock
2- Be positive- Never look down, always look up. If you feel your plans or dreams are failing smile and keep on going because if you keep that positivity up you WILL  reach your goals and dreams.

3- Try Try and Try again- Never give up, if you have failed the first time get back up and try again, if you give up you'll never give up. Resilience is all you need.

4- Plan- Don't go into a struggling situation and not have planned in advance your more likely to succeed if you have an action plan.

5- Don't try to achieve a goal which you don't like- Achieve a goal related to your passion, if your not passionate about it you won't give a hundred per cent of you true capability to make this dream come true.

These are my five top tips on how to achieve your dreams and goals, never give up and keep going.

Logged on now Logged off xxx 

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