Thursday, 28 May 2015

My dream man

Everyone wants a perfect boyfriend and the one and only husband but we all do dream about that man. This is going to tell you about all the factors a man for me needs.

  • Small like me.
  • Brown comforting eyes
  • Strong and fit.
  • soft hair which I can run my fingers through.
  • Has good  style

  • Caring and loving
  • funny and friendly
  • respect me
  • Loves me the way I am.
  • Doesn't cheat I'm his only one.
  • Sporty and likes doing lots of activities.
  • Romantic

Other stuff
  • Family lover
  • Animal lover
  • Doesn't mind going shopping
  • Quite wealthy.

Remember the most important things are that he loves you the way you are and he has a good personality.
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