Monday, 29 August 2016

Hope you like my profile pic !

Hi everyone just a quick one a new image will soon appear on my blog and I would just like to mention the editor of it. 

I absolutely LOVE it. It's exactly what I wanted. So a massive thank you ! 

Go check out her Instagram and get her to 650 followers as she's amazing editor and a lovely girl.

Again I hope you like and THANK YOU.

Also a mention that my blog post day will be Sunday's so get ready to see lots more posts already planned out. 

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Bye X

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Tips for back to school

HII everyone! This is another back to school related post. If your going into year 7 or just want some tips or advice for back to school then keep reading. Hope you enjoy ! Comment below what your looking forward to and not looking forward to about going back to school. 

Tip 1- Be yourself... Everyone thinks senior school you have to be like everyone else but you there isn't an exact way to look or be. So be yourself and people will like you for you and not a a model of someone else! 

Tip 2- Dont be afraid to socialise- Having friends in senior school is sooo important so the first day try and mix it up with new people or if your going into year 7 be confident and make new friends.

Tip 3- Be confident- Linking into the last too, you might be laying in your bed the night before thinking. OMG what if no one likes me, what if I'm late for class, what if I can't find the toilet ! Trust me everyone else is NERVOUS. So be confident, smile and be yourself and YOU WILL BE ALRIGHT. 

Tip 4- Stay organised- being organised in school is so important so either use the planner they give you or use your own. Make sure you write down homework due dates, test, important dates etc. Being on top of you school work will make your school life so much easier. 

Tip 5- Dont worry too much- I really need to not worry as much. School is annoying the early start but teachers are there to help you achieve and when a test comes up I worry like crazy as I want to do my best but you need to try and think if I don't do as well, I'm not going to die, it won't effect the rest of my life etc. So try not to worry too much even though I'm a worrying person! 

So here are 5 tips for back to school. I hope these help and comment down below what year your going into to. 

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Vintage Haxs xx

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Summer/back to school haul

Hi everyone. It brings me great sadness to be writing this post as its related to the back to school theme 😭 So I went on a shopping trip in the goal to get stationary but I may of got a tad of track so here is what I got on my last shopping trip..... Hope you enjoy ! 


THE COMFIEST JUMPER- Size 8- Maroon/burgundy colour- £5

Awesome vibes top- size 6- orange/red- sale- £2 

Black flats- size 3 ( midget feet!)- sale- £3


Sushi jumper- divided range- size xs- £5.99

Think pink bath bomb- £2.75 

Now for the stationary 


2x ruled notebooks- doughnut design & fruit design- £3.50 each 


2x paper folders- icecream design and pink- £1 each 

So that's it! Hope you liked. Comment ideas and hope your back to school experience isn't too bad.

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Vintage Haxs xxx

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

How to make biscoff 2 layer cake

Hi everyone ! 
Hope your enjoying summer, today post is actually a recipe of a biscoff cake which I made. I personally love it but some don't so if you like those biscuit you get when you go to a cafe, keep reading ! 

250g unsalted butter 
250g light brown sugar
250g self raising flour
3 eggs 
2tsp baking powder 
4tbsp of milk ( if needed ) 

This will make two layer 

Biscoff butter cream 
 150g unsalted butter 
200g icing sugar
2 big table spoons of biscoff smooth spread 
( add more or less for desired amount of icing and flavour ) 

Biscoff biscuits 

Now how to make it-

1- heat oven to 180C and line two cake tins with baking paper to avoid sticking and leave to side.

2- Then in a bowl mix together with an electric whisk the butter and sugar until smooth. 

3- then add the flour, baking powder and egg and whisk or beat whatever working I used a bit of both. If the mixture a bit dry add some milk, I had to but see how it goes ! The mixture should be smooth and creamy.

4. Then evenly distribute the mixture between both tins and put in the oven for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown on top and when you stick a skewer in and it comes out clean then it's cooked.

REMEMBER BEFORE ICING YOU GOT TO LET THE CAKE COOL OR IT WILL BE A DIASTER ! I waited 10 mins with them in tin and then 45-1 hour to cool. 


In a bowl start of by mixing just butter to cream up and then on a slow power keep mixing while you add the icing sugar. When all mixed up it should look smooth and like butter cream. Then add the biscoff spread and mix again to combine. Now have a taste test to see if you need to add more or add more icing sugar etc until your happy with you butter cream. 

Now to decorate-

Decorate how you desire, I didn't have any piping tubes but if you do there great I just used a palette knife to spread some in the middle, on top and made a wall around the cake out of the biscuits. 

Now for the finished cake 

So this is how you make a 2 layer biscoff cake. I LOVE it and I hope you do to and I would love to know if you had a try either comment below or send me a picture on my Instagram which is- 

Now I hope you enjoyed this a if you did remember to let me know and I'll do more recipes as I love baking ! Thanks for reading. Bye for now.

How to contact me- 
Instagram- tumblr_.girl16

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Vintage Haxs xxx

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