Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Why I'm feeling great at the moment

Hi, I'm feeling great at the moment for several reason. I thought I tell you all about it. Yesterday was just the start of why I feel great, I went on a shopping spree with all my gals and bought lots of nice items. Then I came home and decided to go on a run. I ran round several fields, it felt amazing getting out and getting fit. I came home to a lovely lush bath, which made my body feel great and totally relaxed my body. I watched Netflix and YouTube videos before going to bed. I woke up to clear blue skies with a gentle breeze which really uplifted my spirit. Later I'm going on a walk with my dog and my friends dog. It feels great getting out and getting fit. I'm also getting my hair cut and will post a pic of it when it's done. It's only 11 o clock but I'm feeling great and looking forward to the day ahead. :)

So these are the reason on why I'm feeling great and I wanted to blog about it because maybe this blog will give you some happiness to carry on the day with. Don't forget to smile and remember if your feeling down think positively and smile, this will boost your spirit, and good luck as it's April's fools day, hope you don't get pranked. :)

Logged on now Logged off xx

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