Monday, 21 December 2015

How to get your room ready for winter & christmas

Hey, I've finished school at last and it's my winter holidays yay. I'm going to be doing a Christmas/winter series both on blog and channel. I will be uploading more now I have more time so make sure you follow or add me to your reading list. This post is going to be telling you how to get your room festive and cosy for winter and Christmas so keep reading to find out more....

  1. Blankets Blankets and more Blankets! Make your room warm by adding more layers to your bed like throws or warm blankets I have two extra blankets, a white one from Animal and a red Christmassy one.
  2. Pillows-  When the weather outside is frightful I like to make cosy nooks or forts out of pillows.
  3. Snowflakes- I bought some hanging snowflakes from the Range and they look really cute and add a really big touch for something so simple.
  4. Christmas bunting- Make your own or buy some.
  5. Candles- It's all about the smells and colours so get some vibrant colours and amazing smelling candles, yankee are the best!
  6. Christmas lights- use them as bunting their like twinkly stars.
  7. Fairy lights- yeah you know that amazing tumblr or insta pic.

DIY Time !

Winter/Christmas picture cork board

 1.  Go on the internet and find cute tumblr picture. copy all into word and print off

2. Find yourself a cork board and get your favourite winter washi- tape and tape the edges.

3. Cut out pics and pin on board.

4. Any extra pins make a W in the corner or space.

5. Get string and hand up or lean against something and your done.

This is it hope this gives you some inspiration and you try the DIY it is really simple but makes a difference. Hope you finish school soon and if you've already finished enjoy the holidays.!


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4 days left till Christmas!

Erin x

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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Autumn clothes and beauty must haves

  • Hey,
So as we are fast approaching December and the countdown to Christmas I thought winter is approaching and autumn is ending. I have LOVED  autumn and loved lots of things so I thought I would tell you what I Loved and needed this autumn. ( I will name a few examples of each)

Tumblr- Tumblr is bae this autumn all the cute pics and quotes.

Blankets- I wanted this autumn to be comfy and warm and more blankets= HARMONY

Coffee- My dark circles are designer, chanel, but the dark mornings and early morning are killing me but coffee is my boyfriend and well I always crave it.

Maroon, burgundy autumnal colour clothes-
  • Primark skinny jeggings £5 maroon
  • Primark turtle neck in dark burgundy type colour £6

  • like massive light pink blush knit jumper £7 reduce from £10
  • red and white massive heart knit jumper price ?
Scarves and snoods
  • White snood from primark £2?
  • Blanket scarves
Dark Lipsticks
  • Miss sporty in shade

  • Black uggs from Next
  • Black zip up heel boots Primark £13


Lip balms
  • EOS so good ( can get of amazon definitely worth the price 100%)
  • Vaseline

Golden eyeshadow or brownish red eyeshadow eye look

This is coming up really late sorry but never got round to getting pics and editing. But these were my fav things for autumn this year.!

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