Friday, 23 October 2015

The apps I couldn't live without

I've been at school now for a while and it's alright. I'm writing this blog in front of Great British Bake off, with a cup of tea and OREOS ! Best way to spend the evening I say. Today this blog is about my best apps. The phone I have is a Samsung so an android phone but most of the apps can be bought on App Store. So I'm going to get straight into it just to clarify. my instagram name is tumblr_.girl16  
sorry for the confusion.

  • Instagram- of course instagram my life !
  • snap chat
  • Youtube- As I live on it and I have a channel so you know need to keep up.
  • Tumblr
  • Wishbone so addictive ahh love it
  • Video show- my editing app
  • Kim Kardashian game- love it really fun, road trip must have
  • Polyvore If you like fashion then you will like this online shopping and designing own outfits who wouldn't want
  • Daily Workout- workout app really good lots of selection, levels etc
  • Forest- revision app grow trees you feel awful when you don't finish and you kill a tree.
  • Pixlr- photo edit for blog photos and instagram.
  • Retrica- lots of overlays and funky effects.
  • Bloglovin- I share my blog on their for popularity
  • Wish best ever app online cheap shopping but good quality
  • 10,10 the most addictive, annoying game.

Thanks for reading and go get these apps if you don't and their all free bonus! Hope you like and keep on reading and stay tuned my family.

Logged on now Logged off xx

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