Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My top 10 websites I go on most often.

Hey !!!! This blog is all about the websites I go on most often. This doesn't contain social media as Instagram is my life. So here it is.

1- Blogger, so I can talk to you guys.
2- Bloglovin, So I can spread my blog and fine other blogs.
3- YouTube- I love watching people vlogging etc.
4- Netflix- Gossip Girl is my obsession it is the best.
5- Amazon- Online shopping....
6- Ebay- Again can't go wrong.
7- Etsy- So I can purchase some cool items.
8- Friv- Because I love playing games... I'm sad like that.
9- Animal rescue website because I love animals.
10- Google in general I'm obsessed with the internet.

That's it. These are my top 10 website I go on most often.

Bye for now

Logged on now Logged off xxxx

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