Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Plant for the Planet

Hi guys. Hope you are well. I would like to make an announcement that this blog that I'm writing today is not written on my family computer it is actually written on my laptop. Yes I got an early birthday present. I'm so happy this laptop has opened up so many more opportunities. I will be blogging more and setting up a youtube channel. Yay. so now unto the blog.

I don't think you know that I'm part of a worldwide program/charity called Plant for the Planet. I have been a part of Plant for the Planet for a year and have done a lot. The first step is becoming an ambassador, which I am. I have led to academies one in which in London in front of 80 odd children. I have done a presentation in front of our mayor and council members and have received a reward as well. I have probably planted over 300 trees and definately got muddy along the way.

But what is Plant for the Planet. It is a program which wants to get kids involved as the adults aren't doing anything apart from talking. A boy in Germany called Felix was doing research and wanted to make a difference. He told his teacher and they started it. From then on he has spoken to 100 of world leaders and it is now in every continent. What we want is to decrease the carbon dioxide emission down and make the world people produce the same amount at the moment it isn't. Trees help us do it as they take in the carbon dioxide. We also have a chocolate which is called the Change chocolate it was made without using any co2 and it is fair-trade at the moment it isn't being sold in Europe.

This is a basic sum up of Plant for the Planet. Not everyone will like it but I wanted to let you know about it.


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