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Some girly advice

Hey everyone guess what I went shopping today went shopping yesterday and going shopping tomorrow just a brief sum up of my life. Anyway in previous post I've mentioned that I will do a girly advice post. This one going to be about friends. I'm lucky enough that I have a small group of friends which I can truly call them mine my angles my BBFS but I also have a friendship circle who are friends and they'll be their for me but not the same as my BFFS. We all have our small girly cat fights and we act all ahh their stupid I hate them but then you realise ahh that's stupid to fight over and run back to each and bake each other cookie. Ps love cookies but not always the best option. So this blog post will help you with the problems you may have and how to resolve them and more ! Hope you enjoy !

Fights and how to resolve them 

Trust me I'm no friend expert but sometimes you need to look at the fight and say to yourself is it worth stropping over or should we just forget sometimes it that easy but not all the time and sometimes the fights and little bigger and you can't just simply apologise. When fights like these happen the best thing to do is give each other some space don't go spreading a rumour that such and such is horrible just walk away and have sometime to think but make sure it doesn't look like your ignoring them just have some time to think. After this you may think oh we are both stupid and get back together but that's happens in dreams it doesn't always happen in reality. Another thing you can do is talk talking helps again if your friend doesn't talk give him/her some more space but sit down together and talk have a certain time each say 5 minutes to let out everything in your head and then swap at the end hopefully you will come to an apologise but here's the catch no one wants to apologise first but apologising is the only way in life you will get to move on so either say we'll apologise together or be the bigger person and just say I'm sorry. If none of this works keep following these steps and if still no success leave walk away and make a new friend theirs no point worrying over a friend who doesn't respect you for being a friend as you've tried so hard to fix the wall of your friendship.

What to do if you think your friend is lying to you

Wait don't confront her/him immediately if you see something small your friend will find you annoying. and admit it we all tell lies but remember they will all come back to you and back fire so try to be honest with each other as this makes a really good friendship. But sometimes friends aren't really friends and they'll may be lying and people who lie may not be the best people to be around. Friends may lie as they don't want you to find out about something ie family issues or other friendship issues but sometimes they may be lying to get attention or just being mean. The best thing to do go up to them a talk ask why and if they say I'm not really try to persuade them and if not walk away and say your lying then and maybe when you've both calmed down try to speak by speaking you can actually help your friend she may be clogged up fall of emotions and is too embarrassed to say anything but by doing that that what makes you a good friend by trying to help. But on the contrary she may be hiding things from you and knowing them will help your friendship or if you guys can't resolve then leave she may come back and if make a promise try to build up your friendship wall until its strong again but if not she/him not worth it.

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