Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Some news.....

Hi everyone, This is a bit of a random post but I have decided to stop writing blogs on blogger and have made the move to Wordpress. So I would love if you would carry on reading on wordpress, Don't worry all previous post have been moved over, I just prefer Wordpress and how its more professional etc.

If your from Bloglovin than I'm trying to add it to my account but I'm having some problems claiming it so you will have to hold on but hopefully I will sort that out in the next few days.

My new blog website is-

So no more of my post on here but head over to my new blog and click follow and if your on Bloglovin then the blog will be up on there soon.

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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Desert Island top 5

Hi guys! This post is kinda a fun and really random one. But it is my top 5 if I was on a desert island ! So hope you enjoy and comment your top 5 below. Enjoy your read!

1- Food and water- Or I would die and I have no survival instinct as to get food I open the fridge!

2- My phone and service- They go together so I could phone for help and if I got bored on the island then I have entertainment and on a desert island there must be some good photos.

3- My bed- As it's the only bed that I can get a good night sleep, as I love sleep and my bed soooo much.

4- Knife/ weapon- So I can fight of the scary animals or crazed humans! 

5- A friend or person- So I want some company as I would get lonely and another person would make a deser island so much more fun!

So these are my top 5. Hope you enjoyed. Hope you come back for another read next Sunday. If you want to see what else I've been up to or wanted to get in contact than follow the links below. Thanks for reading!

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Vintage Haxs xxx

( also for any other bloggers out there, I'm considering moving to Wordpress?? What do you think let me know !?)

Friday, 21 October 2016

One of my new favourite places

Hi everyone. As its half term I have some more time to blog. This post is a bit of a random one which is my favourite place in my town which is a new coffee shop called Coffee #1 it is a very popular coffee shop and your likely to have one in your town. So this post is going to be why I like it and my fav drinks for Autumn. Hope you enjoy!

You may know I love a good costa and Im still a costa girl but recently Ive been drawn to Coffee #1 for many reason. The costa in my town does not do Autumn/halloween inspired drinks like Pumpkin spice lattes etc. But coffee #1 has 2x halloween drinks with there many other drink options. There halloween drinks are- pumkin spice latte and spooky cookie ( my fav!)

In summer Costa does great coolers but they stop in the autumn/winter and if your not a coffee drinker like me, that really limits your options. But coffee one does frappes and smoothies and juices and of course the normal drinks!

The prices are also cheaper so if you dont want to fork out £3.50+ for a small drink coffee #1 has slightly cheaper prices.

The decor and interior is really vintage and unique which gives of a cool vibe.

So this is why I love coffee #1 at the moment but Im not here to complain about costa as im still a costa lover ! But next time you see a coffee #1 give it a go!

Top 3 drinks at the moment

1- Spooky cookie- SOO good, give it a go!

2- Hot chocolate- with cream and marshmellows if you may.

3- Caramel latte- If im feeling tired and need some energy...

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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Vintage Haxs xx

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Autumn essentials

Hi everyone ! Its Sunday and that means blog post day. This post is another autumn essentials. Its my autumn must haves. Hope you enjoy!

1- Oversized jumpers- To keep yourself warm and ideally autumn colours!

2-Blankets- To wrap up in on cold autumn days

3- Cosy socks- In the colder weather your feet can get really cold so keep them warm with some cute socks- new look do good ones

4- A good moisturizer- In the colder weather my skin gets very dry so a good one is essential. I love the simple moisturizer!

5- Autumn snacks and treats-I can do a post on my favourite recipes. But focus on cinnamon and apple and a bit of toffee and you've got yourself a delicious snack.

6- Candles- As the evenings get darker brighten up the mood by lighting a candle.

7- Hot drinks- In this time of the year, I love the hot chocolate with cream and marshmellows its just heaven!

8- The classic dark lip- A burgundy, maroon or even red or be bold and go purple.

9- A pair of boots- Uggs or a black bootie, above the knee or a bit of a heel, there's so much selection but autumn is the time to whip them out.

10- Body lotion- Like the moisturizer to keep your skin smooth and not dry.

These are my autumn essentials. Hope you like the autumn post.

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Vintage Haxs

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

What's on my bedside table and Must Haves

Hi everyone, sorry for the late post! But here it is What's on my Bedside tables... Yes I have more than one so will basically tell you what's on them and then some most haves. Hope you enjoy!

Books- I have some decoration books which I flick through once in a while which consist of makeup books, lush books, and a general book and also a book I'm actually reading and at the moment I'm reading Labrador by Ben Fogel! 

Mason jar glass- I LOVE having water bedside my as I always get thirsty... And a cute glass is a must!

Deodorant- Obvious not going into detail... 

Lip balms- EOS- Gotta keep my lips hydrated in the chilly weather!

Hand cream- Soft hands are important and they get dry in Autumn soo easily.

Dream Journal- To record my dreams if I can remember them... But super cute and you should get one.

Lamps- Dah to keep my room bright, ones from IKEA and the other is a lava lamp from ???

Notebook- To record any thoughts or things to remember.

Clock- To tell the time...

Candles- To make my room smell nice and feel cosy.

Brush and hair tye- As I'm lazy in the morning and don't want to move at all!

Frame with quote- Which says Work hard, Dream big.. Love this quote, this is hear for inspiration and it looks cute in my room.

Vase and fake flowers- As if they were real I would kill them.. And I like pretty things.

My initials in wood as I don't know it looks nice and it's a personal touch.

Dry Shampoo- Again I'm lazy and I have greasy hair!

Body sprays- So I can smell nice, Soap and Glory and Ted Baker.

Memo board but not- So I can remember stuff and just put stuff in it, look at picture!

Skincare box- That's where it is and its in a pretty box. 

My iPad- As its my life and I need it for the morning and all day everywhere, you get the point.

Well that's it, hope you enjoyed, comment any Autumn post you want and I'll definitely do it.

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