Thursday, 28 May 2015

A-Z on what to pack on asleepover.

Sleepovers are great so I thought I could have some fun with an A-Z on what to pack on a sleepover...

A- Apple incase you need a snack.
B- Bag.
C- Credit card I you were to go shopping.
D- DVD, movie night.
E-  Electronics- everyone brings them
G- Games to play.
H- Hair stuff, curlers etc.
I- Imagination, a box can be a time machine.
J- Journal, so you can write secrets... shoosh.
K- ?
M- Makeup or music or both.
N- Night wear.
O- Other clothes.
P-  Pamper supplies.
Q- Quirky new stuff, you want to show your friends.
R- Reminiscing - Refreshing your mind of the fun you have had before.
S- Sweets
T- Toothbrsuh and tooth paste
U-  Underwear, sometimes you just forget.
V- Various of activities and ideas.
W- Wash bag.
X- ?
Y-  Yourself !
Z- zzzzzz,some sleep.

It was hard but here it is !

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What makes a true friend

Random !
We all have friends that have betrayed us and we have friends that are like sister.
This post is all about what makes a true friend.

It's important that you can have a laugh with them.
That they care for you like your sister.
Is willing to be seen with you in public.
Eats your friends food without asking.
Only goes to school to see each other.
True friends stab each other with straws.
You know when there true as when you have a fight it can only get mad for a short period of time because you have to tell them something import.
Know your completely insane.
Is willing to stand in front of a train.

These are the main points. I have some amazing friends which make my world go round.

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My dream man

Everyone wants a perfect boyfriend and the one and only husband but we all do dream about that man. This is going to tell you about all the factors a man for me needs.

  • Small like me.
  • Brown comforting eyes
  • Strong and fit.
  • soft hair which I can run my fingers through.
  • Has good  style

  • Caring and loving
  • funny and friendly
  • respect me
  • Loves me the way I am.
  • Doesn't cheat I'm his only one.
  • Sporty and likes doing lots of activities.
  • Romantic

Other stuff
  • Family lover
  • Animal lover
  • Doesn't mind going shopping
  • Quite wealthy.

Remember the most important things are that he loves you the way you are and he has a good personality.
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Quote day

I was planning to do a quote Sunday but as you know it's not Sunday....
So I'm telling you my favourite quote at the moment.

Everyone wants
no one wants
but you
can't have
a little

I love this quote everyone goes through pain but everyone needs pain to have the happiness at the end.
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Bucket List before I die

I'm still trying to keep up with my post so now your going to get a boat load of post. This post is going to be A bucket list before I die. Hope you enjoy !

1- I want to have a big happy family.
2- A lovely husband who truly loves me.
3- Go to New York
4-  Walk down the red carpet.
5- Go to the moon.
6- Go travelling with my friends.
7- Make my blog massive around the world.
8- Become popular on YouTube.
9-  Start my own makeup and clothes line.
10- Write a book
11- Live a fulfilled healthy, happy life.
12- Become a vet.

This is only an extract of my bucket list but these are the ones which mean the most to me.

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

My favourite recipe

I'm so so behind but that's internet problems so I'm going to spam you with lots of post now that hopefully it will work. YouTube is dying on me so don't even ask the problem. This post is going to be all about my favourite recipes which I love. These are them.

1. Jammy Drops- From Let's cook with kids book written by Nicola Graimes.
I love these biscuit there my favourite things. I love making them in big batches.

What you need
100g of softened butter
5tbsp of caster sugar
1 egg, lightly beaten
1tsp of vanilla extract
4tbsp of cornflour
and desired amount of jam for the drop bit.

Large mixing bowl
electric hand whisk
wooden spoon
small bowl
2 baking sheets
baking paper

1- Put butter and caster sugar in mixing bowl whisk until creamy.
2- mix together the egg and vanilla extract in a separate bowl then add slowly while mixing it all together.
3- sieve the flour and cornflour into the bowl and fold together to make a fairly soft dough.
4- Turn on the oven to 180 degrees 350f gas mark 4. Line baking trays with sheets to stop sticking.
5- Take heaped spoon fulls of mixture and reapeat until all gone.
6- Chill biscuit for 15 mins then apply desired amount of jam on top it helps if you indent it first then bake for 12 minutes.

And wolah Jammy drops are made. Hope you enjoy as I find these very scrummy indeed.

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Thursday, 7 May 2015

What if .....

Hey everyone hope your bank holiday was exciting and a little break from all the stressful school work. I'm truly sorry but I've been rather busy and are behind both on blogging and YouTubing as my internet has went wrong. Now all is good and I can get back together with all my great viewers. This post today is going to be all about What if and it may turn a bit weird, as always I hope you like and comment below any opinions and views and request on post as I happy to do so.

What if- The air we breathe in is actually a drug and we see the world we see and when you take drugs you see the real world and that's why drugs are illegal.

What if- We are living in a dome and we are a fake world and the real world is looking down on us.

What if- The things you forgot to thank god for last night weren't there when you woke up.

What if- A mass killer sickness wiped out the world and you were the only one to survive.

What if- The world stopped spinning and darkness came upon.

What if- The sun got to close and burned the world and all of it's population.

These are just a view of the many things we need to take time to think over. I hope these have made you stop and think.

Bye for now xx

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