Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Just wanted to say HIIII !!

Hello, I'm so haaaapppyyyy !!!!!! We did it on my blog we've got over 1000 views I know that over like tons of months but it's a start right. My next challenge for you is if we could get on one month 100 views..... ? If we did then I would answer any question you ask ( under restriction). So if you read my blog share it or tell a friend.

So I wanted to tell you that but I'll just say your all amazing people, your beautiful, smart and to all your friends your the best. Your my big blog family we're the Vintage Babes. Remember whatever anyone else says if your ever sad, hurt or just need someone to talk to speak to me over email, ( contact form) or Instagram- tumblr_.girl16   Hope you've had a fab day and hope this is a good way to end your day. Don't forget my YouTube- Vintage Haxs. Overall don't forget to smile

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