Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Some news.....

Hi everyone, This is a bit of a random post but I have decided to stop writing blogs on blogger and have made the move to Wordpress. So I would love if you would carry on reading on wordpress, Don't worry all previous post have been moved over, I just prefer Wordpress and how its more professional etc.

If your from Bloglovin than I'm trying to add it to my account but I'm having some problems claiming it so you will have to hold on but hopefully I will sort that out in the next few days.

My new blog website is-

So no more of my post on here but head over to my new blog and click follow and if your on Bloglovin then the blog will be up on there soon.

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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Desert Island top 5

Hi guys! This post is kinda a fun and really random one. But it is my top 5 if I was on a desert island ! So hope you enjoy and comment your top 5 below. Enjoy your read!

1- Food and water- Or I would die and I have no survival instinct as to get food I open the fridge!

2- My phone and service- They go together so I could phone for help and if I got bored on the island then I have entertainment and on a desert island there must be some good photos.

3- My bed- As it's the only bed that I can get a good night sleep, as I love sleep and my bed soooo much.

4- Knife/ weapon- So I can fight of the scary animals or crazed humans! 

5- A friend or person- So I want some company as I would get lonely and another person would make a deser island so much more fun!

So these are my top 5. Hope you enjoyed. Hope you come back for another read next Sunday. If you want to see what else I've been up to or wanted to get in contact than follow the links below. Thanks for reading!

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Vintage Haxs xxx

( also for any other bloggers out there, I'm considering moving to Wordpress?? What do you think let me know !?)

Friday, 21 October 2016

One of my new favourite places

Hi everyone. As its half term I have some more time to blog. This post is a bit of a random one which is my favourite place in my town which is a new coffee shop called Coffee #1 it is a very popular coffee shop and your likely to have one in your town. So this post is going to be why I like it and my fav drinks for Autumn. Hope you enjoy!

You may know I love a good costa and Im still a costa girl but recently Ive been drawn to Coffee #1 for many reason. The costa in my town does not do Autumn/halloween inspired drinks like Pumpkin spice lattes etc. But coffee #1 has 2x halloween drinks with there many other drink options. There halloween drinks are- pumkin spice latte and spooky cookie ( my fav!)

In summer Costa does great coolers but they stop in the autumn/winter and if your not a coffee drinker like me, that really limits your options. But coffee one does frappes and smoothies and juices and of course the normal drinks!

The prices are also cheaper so if you dont want to fork out £3.50+ for a small drink coffee #1 has slightly cheaper prices.

The decor and interior is really vintage and unique which gives of a cool vibe.

So this is why I love coffee #1 at the moment but Im not here to complain about costa as im still a costa lover ! But next time you see a coffee #1 give it a go!

Top 3 drinks at the moment

1- Spooky cookie- SOO good, give it a go!

2- Hot chocolate- with cream and marshmellows if you may.

3- Caramel latte- If im feeling tired and need some energy...

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Autumn essentials

Hi everyone ! Its Sunday and that means blog post day. This post is another autumn essentials. Its my autumn must haves. Hope you enjoy!

1- Oversized jumpers- To keep yourself warm and ideally autumn colours!

2-Blankets- To wrap up in on cold autumn days

3- Cosy socks- In the colder weather your feet can get really cold so keep them warm with some cute socks- new look do good ones

4- A good moisturizer- In the colder weather my skin gets very dry so a good one is essential. I love the simple moisturizer!

5- Autumn snacks and treats-I can do a post on my favourite recipes. But focus on cinnamon and apple and a bit of toffee and you've got yourself a delicious snack.

6- Candles- As the evenings get darker brighten up the mood by lighting a candle.

7- Hot drinks- In this time of the year, I love the hot chocolate with cream and marshmellows its just heaven!

8- The classic dark lip- A burgundy, maroon or even red or be bold and go purple.

9- A pair of boots- Uggs or a black bootie, above the knee or a bit of a heel, there's so much selection but autumn is the time to whip them out.

10- Body lotion- Like the moisturizer to keep your skin smooth and not dry.

These are my autumn essentials. Hope you like the autumn post.

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

What's on my bedside table and Must Haves

Hi everyone, sorry for the late post! But here it is What's on my Bedside tables... Yes I have more than one so will basically tell you what's on them and then some most haves. Hope you enjoy!

Books- I have some decoration books which I flick through once in a while which consist of makeup books, lush books, and a general book and also a book I'm actually reading and at the moment I'm reading Labrador by Ben Fogel! 

Mason jar glass- I LOVE having water bedside my as I always get thirsty... And a cute glass is a must!

Deodorant- Obvious not going into detail... 

Lip balms- EOS- Gotta keep my lips hydrated in the chilly weather!

Hand cream- Soft hands are important and they get dry in Autumn soo easily.

Dream Journal- To record my dreams if I can remember them... But super cute and you should get one.

Lamps- Dah to keep my room bright, ones from IKEA and the other is a lava lamp from ???

Notebook- To record any thoughts or things to remember.

Clock- To tell the time...

Candles- To make my room smell nice and feel cosy.

Brush and hair tye- As I'm lazy in the morning and don't want to move at all!

Frame with quote- Which says Work hard, Dream big.. Love this quote, this is hear for inspiration and it looks cute in my room.

Vase and fake flowers- As if they were real I would kill them.. And I like pretty things.

My initials in wood as I don't know it looks nice and it's a personal touch.

Dry Shampoo- Again I'm lazy and I have greasy hair!

Body sprays- So I can smell nice, Soap and Glory and Ted Baker.

Memo board but not- So I can remember stuff and just put stuff in it, look at picture!

Skincare box- That's where it is and its in a pretty box. 

My iPad- As its my life and I need it for the morning and all day everywhere, you get the point.

Well that's it, hope you enjoyed, comment any Autumn post you want and I'll definitely do it.

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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Autumn/Fall inspiration

Hi everyone as September comes to the end and the start of Autumn finally here, October is when the weather gets chillier and the sweaters come out you know it's soon to be Autumn. So if your like me excited about Autumn here's some inspiration for you guys. Hope you enjoy!

I will follow my planned post and hopefully slip in some extra Autumn/fall post as well. Some of my favourites things are pumpkins, blankets and Cosy evening in!

An Autumnal mood board and inspiration.

So hope your ready for Autumn and here is some inspiration! 

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Vintage Haxs xx

Rainy day essentials

Hi guys sorry for no post last Sunday as  it was a traumatic weekend ! But again this Sunday you get two, YAY! This post has linked into last week's and this post is Rainy day essentials ! Hope you enjoy.

1- Comfy clothes- it's all about the comfort on a rainy day being comfy, cosy and warm.

2- Blnakets and Cushions- to build a den and wrap up warm in.

3- Netflix or film selection- You need to entertain yourself so grab those blankets and watch your favourite film or series.

4- SNACKS GALORE- Whatever you feel like craving on either sweets, crisp, popcorn, pretzels just make sure you have lots of it.

5- Lush- So you can have a relax in a pretty, hot and bubbly bath and pass away the hours.

So these are my 5 essentials, hope you enjoy and if you live in the UK you can experience one of those days soon! 

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Vintage Haxs

Sunday, 11 September 2016

What to do on a rainy day

Hi everyone, firstly  I would like to say sorry for no post last Sunday but that's why you have 2 this
Sunday ! I will try my best to get you a blog post every Sunday but some school week are busy than others! Anyway for this week post is- What to do on a rainy day- Hope you enjoy ! 

1: Build a den- Either in your room or the living room make sure it's really cosy with lots of blankets and pillows. You could also add some fairy lights for a cute affect. Just make sure it's comfy as your going to spend your rainy day in!

2. Have a Netflix marathon- catch up with your favourite seasons or re watch a seasons. Some of my favourites are Pretty little Liars, Gossip girl and 90210, what are some of your favourites.

3. Do a hobby or yours- On a rainy day I love to cook, I love baking anyway but hours can pass by baking and you get a treat at the end! You could also do you art or music.

4. Have a pamper- Put a face mask on, paint your nails while watching your YouTube feed, on a grey day uplift yourself by having a pamper.

5. Blog- If your a blogger like me, on a rainy day I love to plan new blogpost or even right a cheeky extra blog post for you guys. I also like to write down anything on my mind in a journal or notebook. 

So these are 5 things you can do on a rainy day. Next Sunday post will link into this one so remember to read. Hope you enjoyed. 

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Sunday, 4 September 2016

10 basic fashion essentials everyone needs

Hi everyone, it's Sunday and that means blog day, so here is another blog post for you guys this week. This week blog post is 10 fashion basics everyone should have. So if you want to find out what I think everyone should have. Hope you enjoy !   

1. Black leggings- everyone NEEDS black leggings, several pairs even. They are comfy, look good and work with pretty much everything. If you don't have anything get them NOW.

2. A plain tee shirts- For casual wear or to dress up. A plain coloured top either grey, white etc. Again you can wear them with everthing, even though's black leggings I mentioned previously !

3. Oversized jumper- I have several especially now that Autumn/winter coming a oversized jumper is perfect to cozy up in and enjoy a Netflix marathon. 

4. A leather jacket- I love my leather jacket, one they last ages, they are multi use either for a trip to the shops or a girls night out a leather jacket can be used! 

5- A good/comfy pair of jeans- Having a high quality pair of jeans is essential that will last well and you can wear anywhere but feel really comfortable and you feel like you can conquer the world in!

6- An evening dress- Any dress will do but a dress you can go out in either for a meal out or a party but can work for both. Basically a go to dress you feel confident and yourself in is the main priority. 

7- A comfy pair of pyjamas- everyone needs that one pair of pyjamas that after a pamper or if your just feeling down you can change into them and you feel warm, safe and comfy. I love new look or primark pyjamas. 

8- An everyday handbag- Just a bag that can carry your essentials is a must for a trip out, just a bag to add to your outfit, black or brown are best for everyday as they work with most outfits.

9- A pair of flats- just some easy slips on if your just popping to the shop or planning on going out they can be again dressed up or casual. Most are cheap but makes sure there comfy.

10- A pair of practical but comfy trainers- If your out walking or a big shopping trip your feet need to be comfy and pair of trainers is an essential.

So these are my 10 basic fashion essentials everyone needs. Hope you enjoy. Leave a comment of what are your essentials. Thanks for reading !

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Monday, 29 August 2016

Hope you like my profile pic !

Hi everyone just a quick one a new image will soon appear on my blog and I would just like to mention the editor of it. 

I absolutely LOVE it. It's exactly what I wanted. So a massive thank you ! 

Go check out her Instagram and get her to 650 followers as she's amazing editor and a lovely girl.

Again I hope you like and THANK YOU.

Also a mention that my blog post day will be Sunday's so get ready to see lots more posts already planned out. 

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Bye X

Vintage Haxs xxx 

Tips for back to school

HII everyone! This is another back to school related post. If your going into year 7 or just want some tips or advice for back to school then keep reading. Hope you enjoy ! Comment below what your looking forward to and not looking forward to about going back to school. 

Tip 1- Be yourself... Everyone thinks senior school you have to be like everyone else but you there isn't an exact way to look or be. So be yourself and people will like you for you and not a a model of someone else! 

Tip 2- Dont be afraid to socialise- Having friends in senior school is sooo important so the first day try and mix it up with new people or if your going into year 7 be confident and make new friends.

Tip 3- Be confident- Linking into the last too, you might be laying in your bed the night before thinking. OMG what if no one likes me, what if I'm late for class, what if I can't find the toilet ! Trust me everyone else is NERVOUS. So be confident, smile and be yourself and YOU WILL BE ALRIGHT. 

Tip 4- Stay organised- being organised in school is so important so either use the planner they give you or use your own. Make sure you write down homework due dates, test, important dates etc. Being on top of you school work will make your school life so much easier. 

Tip 5- Dont worry too much- I really need to not worry as much. School is annoying the early start but teachers are there to help you achieve and when a test comes up I worry like crazy as I want to do my best but you need to try and think if I don't do as well, I'm not going to die, it won't effect the rest of my life etc. So try not to worry too much even though I'm a worrying person! 

So here are 5 tips for back to school. I hope these help and comment down below what year your going into to. 

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Vintage Haxs xx

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Summer/back to school haul

Hi everyone. It brings me great sadness to be writing this post as its related to the back to school theme 😭 So I went on a shopping trip in the goal to get stationary but I may of got a tad of track so here is what I got on my last shopping trip..... Hope you enjoy ! 


THE COMFIEST JUMPER- Size 8- Maroon/burgundy colour- £5

Awesome vibes top- size 6- orange/red- sale- £2 

Black flats- size 3 ( midget feet!)- sale- £3


Sushi jumper- divided range- size xs- £5.99

Think pink bath bomb- £2.75 

Now for the stationary 


2x ruled notebooks- doughnut design & fruit design- £3.50 each 


2x paper folders- icecream design and pink- £1 each 

So that's it! Hope you liked. Comment ideas and hope your back to school experience isn't too bad.

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Vintage Haxs xxx

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

How to make biscoff 2 layer cake

Hi everyone ! 
Hope your enjoying summer, today post is actually a recipe of a biscoff cake which I made. I personally love it but some don't so if you like those biscuit you get when you go to a cafe, keep reading ! 

250g unsalted butter 
250g light brown sugar
250g self raising flour
3 eggs 
2tsp baking powder 
4tbsp of milk ( if needed ) 

This will make two layer 

Biscoff butter cream 
 150g unsalted butter 
200g icing sugar
2 big table spoons of biscoff smooth spread 
( add more or less for desired amount of icing and flavour ) 

Biscoff biscuits 

Now how to make it-

1- heat oven to 180C and line two cake tins with baking paper to avoid sticking and leave to side.

2- Then in a bowl mix together with an electric whisk the butter and sugar until smooth. 

3- then add the flour, baking powder and egg and whisk or beat whatever working I used a bit of both. If the mixture a bit dry add some milk, I had to but see how it goes ! The mixture should be smooth and creamy.

4. Then evenly distribute the mixture between both tins and put in the oven for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown on top and when you stick a skewer in and it comes out clean then it's cooked.

REMEMBER BEFORE ICING YOU GOT TO LET THE CAKE COOL OR IT WILL BE A DIASTER ! I waited 10 mins with them in tin and then 45-1 hour to cool. 


In a bowl start of by mixing just butter to cream up and then on a slow power keep mixing while you add the icing sugar. When all mixed up it should look smooth and like butter cream. Then add the biscoff spread and mix again to combine. Now have a taste test to see if you need to add more or add more icing sugar etc until your happy with you butter cream. 

Now to decorate-

Decorate how you desire, I didn't have any piping tubes but if you do there great I just used a palette knife to spread some in the middle, on top and made a wall around the cake out of the biscuits. 

Now for the finished cake 

So this is how you make a 2 layer biscoff cake. I LOVE it and I hope you do to and I would love to know if you had a try either comment below or send me a picture on my Instagram which is- 

Now I hope you enjoyed this a if you did remember to let me know and I'll do more recipes as I love baking ! Thanks for reading. Bye for now.

How to contact me- 
Instagram- tumblr_.girl16

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Vintage Haxs xxx

Monday, 11 July 2016

Top 5 Summer essentials

Hi everyone, hope your all well and that your having a FAB day. Today blog post is my first post in my summer  series which is " Top 5 Summer essentials ". So read on to find out what are mine and to inspire you if you don't have any of these. 

1. A water bottle- In the summer  the temperatures increase so to stay healthy and happy out in the sun its soooo important to drink plenty of water so you stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water also helps your skin to stay healthy as well and the sun rays damage your skin, so keep drinking! But let's be honest water isn't exactly exciting but what seems to help me is one either detox it up with fruit or finding a pretty water bottle, here's a few examples... 

All water bottles from New look prices ranging from 5.99-6.99

2. Sun cream- Bit of a classic but soo important you don't want to be in pain because you have a terrible sunburn and it's not a good look, looking like a tomatoe. Whenever your in a pool or sea you can still get burnt so find a sun cream so you can tan not burn. 

3. A summer scent- Eveyone needs a summer scent, for summer I love a fruity scent my go to at the moment is soap and glory super tonic orangeasm. What's your summer scent ? A body mist is perfect to just chuck in tou beach bag, which brings me onto my next point. 

4. A beach bag/bag for summer- With all these trips to the beach or road trips around the country we need a bag to rely on either a beach bag which can fit all your essentials or a backpack to store road trip snacks. Here some examples which you should consider picking up. 

5- A good upbeat playlist- Either at a summer party or at the pool summer is 10x better with a good playlist pumping in the background. So get over to Spotify and start adding some good songs which will make you feel good and have the summer vibes. Some of my favourites at the moment are 

☀️ All Little Mix songs from the Get Weird album 
☀️ Can't stop this feeling by Justin Timberlake 
☀️ Girls Like by Tinie Tempah feat Zara Larsson 
☀️ This is what you came for by Calvin Harris 
☀️ Cake by the ocean by DNCE 

and many more, comment below your favourite summer hits ! 
So these are my top 5 summer essentials, what are yours ? Hope you enjoyed this blog post and carry on reading and remember to comment summer themed posts for my summer series. 

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Vintage Haxs xxx

Thursday, 23 June 2016

To Die For Swimwear Discount

Hi everyone 
A few months back I did a post on To Die For Swimwear discount code and I've got some exciting news we've collaborated again. YAY. There is more information on the previous post which I'll link here

Which will tell you more information on the company which I'll briefly sum up here. Their bikinis are gorgeous, amazing quality and look good on everyone in all different sizes. They feel very strongly on using healthy models and encouraging healthy lifestyle. So use my discount code....

Girls! I've teamed up with @Todieforswimwear and we're now offering 15% OFF on any of their bikinis from! Just use the code 'TUMBLRGIRL16' at checkout to get your discount. Enjoy! ♡

So all information is up there there website and the code and the even better thing this time is that it's 15% off. 
But it only last a month so order soon 
I would definitely get one as they are perfect for summer and the quality and style is great and the variations in huge πŸ‘™πŸ˜Š

Go buy one now and would love for you to send me the one you've chosen to me via 

Thanks for reading, enjoy your summer discount !

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Vintage Haxs xx

My Summer series ☀️

Hi everyone 
Sorry for not be active but I'm really going to spend more time on my blog with pictures etc and also putting video tutorials as well. Anyway I'm coming back with a summer series which I will call something just atm don't know what but if you got any ideas comment below! 

Well I will have several post in this series for example, things to do, makeup look, look books, life hacks etc. 

For now I will put some photos in for inspiration of summer which sadly we don't get in the UK. 
All these pictures are of Pinterest and it's great for inspiration 

Hopefully these photos will get you into the summer vibes ☀️☀️πŸŒΊπŸ‘™

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Vintage Haxs xx

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