Monday, 21 September 2015

Red Magazine review

Hi everyone here I'm back and I won't let you down but today I'm doing a review. I haven't done many reviews so if you like let me know. I like writing what you want it helps me come up with ideas so don't be afraid to comment or contact me for advice. I'm on instagram- Vintage Haxs and I'm on 24/7 so that's the best way to get in contact. So to this post.

Red magazine, I've been reading them from June and they realise a new copy every month, when I go to the shop I can't wait to see it on the shelves I get so excited. Red is a fashion, beauty, makeup, lifestyle, travel and lots more. There is everything packed into it and is a go back magazine. It's £4
so I think it's reasonable price for the quantity and quality. If you want a curl up in bed, hot chocolate or tea to hand this is the magazine for you. They sometimes have small gifts but are high end so you get a little treat as well :). I highly rate this magazine and would definitely check it out, comment below your favourite magazine and I'll check it out too.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned and if you want something new to read this fall read this

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