Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Thank you my dear coffee machine.......

I thought I would do a fun blog. This is a fun thing about how much I love my coffee machine.

Dear Coffee Machine,
Thank you so very much coffee machine for making my life happy again. In the morning when I'm a wreck, your always there to wake me up and give me hope. When I'm sad or cold you make me a warm hot chocolate. You do so much mocha's and latte and cappuccino.

My dear dear coffee machine you come in so many types, large or small. I'll never give up on you. You make the dark side happy again. You are my soul mate.

Sincerely Vintage Haxs xxxx 

This is my letter to a coffee machine and how much I love it.

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Monday, 30 March 2015


Hey everyone as I go to a private school we have broken up for spring break. YAY. Today it's my party. YAY. I'm having a pamper party, we are getting manicures, pedicures and facials. We will have pizza and mocktails and best of all chocolate fountain. So I'm relaxing in bed today until the evening when the party begins. I have been watching netflix most of the morning. going to have to setup soon and sort sleeping arrangements for the sleepover afterwards. Tired at the moment as did a 24 hour fundraiser this weekend. But we did raise over 1200 pounds for comic relief. Tomorrow we are going shopping and I will do a blog on what I got. I want be able to blog as I will be hanging with friends so decided to keep you informed on what I've done and what I'm doing.

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Thursday, 26 March 2015

5 Things I can't stand

This blog is all about things I just can't stand for. From horrible foods, to disgusting things at other people house.

1- I absolutely don't like banana. They are the worst. I wouldn't eat them for £20. YUCK
2- When you go round someone's house and you go to the toilet and they haven't flushed
3- Seeing someone pick their nose. That's why we have tissues.
4- That really annoying girl at school who is so clingy. Admit it their are always one.
5-  Really annoying adverts before a film in the cinema.

These are the 5 things I can't stand. Hope your enjoying my blogs.

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My top 10 websites I go on most often.

Hey !!!! This blog is all about the websites I go on most often. This doesn't contain social media as Instagram is my life. So here it is.

1- Blogger, so I can talk to you guys.
2- Bloglovin, So I can spread my blog and fine other blogs.
3- YouTube- I love watching people vlogging etc.
4- Netflix- Gossip Girl is my obsession it is the best.
5- Amazon- Online shopping....
6- Ebay- Again can't go wrong.
7- Etsy- So I can purchase some cool items.
8- Friv- Because I love playing games... I'm sad like that.
9- Animal rescue website because I love animals.
10- Google in general I'm obsessed with the internet.

That's it. These are my top 10 website I go on most often.

Bye for now

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Plant for the Planet

Hi guys. Hope you are well. I would like to make an announcement that this blog that I'm writing today is not written on my family computer it is actually written on my laptop. Yes I got an early birthday present. I'm so happy this laptop has opened up so many more opportunities. I will be blogging more and setting up a youtube channel. Yay. so now unto the blog.

I don't think you know that I'm part of a worldwide program/charity called Plant for the Planet. I have been a part of Plant for the Planet for a year and have done a lot. The first step is becoming an ambassador, which I am. I have led to academies one in which in London in front of 80 odd children. I have done a presentation in front of our mayor and council members and have received a reward as well. I have probably planted over 300 trees and definately got muddy along the way.

But what is Plant for the Planet. It is a program which wants to get kids involved as the adults aren't doing anything apart from talking. A boy in Germany called Felix was doing research and wanted to make a difference. He told his teacher and they started it. From then on he has spoken to 100 of world leaders and it is now in every continent. What we want is to decrease the carbon dioxide emission down and make the world people produce the same amount at the moment it isn't. Trees help us do it as they take in the carbon dioxide. We also have a chocolate which is called the Change chocolate it was made without using any co2 and it is fair-trade at the moment it isn't being sold in Europe.

This is a basic sum up of Plant for the Planet. Not everyone will like it but I wanted to let you know about it.


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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Netball match

Yes from all these sporting blogs you will now know that I'm a sporty person. I'm on most of the school sport teams and I love doing sport as it keeps me fit ☺. So today I played in a netball match with all my friends. Yes we won. Yeah !!!! We won 12- 2 so really good. We started of strongly and are still unbeaten. I had fun even though now my legs are killing me. :(. so I will be having a pamper evening tonight.

This is a short blog today but wanted to let you know what I've done today. Comment or email me what your favourite sport is or any other things you want to ask.
Or follow me on instagram vintagebae998877 to see what I get up to.

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Monday, 16 March 2015

Top 3 YouTubers

Thank you all my dear dear followers, to getting me up to 10 followers it may not sound a lot but to me it is like the whole world. I'm so grateful. Onto my blog as I'm loving YouTube so much I decided to do my top 3 favourite YouTubers. Hopefully will be starting my channel in April, tips would be found grateful. Comment or email me.

Top 5 Youtubers 

1- Of course Zoella
2- Tanya Burr
3- Naomi Smart

And these are them. They are all my inspirations check out there channels and blogs.

Hope you are enjoying my blogs and again thank you to all my followers.

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Hockey Tournament at Brockenhurst

Today I traveled up to Brockenhurst. Yeah I'm a chic with a stick ! Yeah I've been playing hockey since I was probably 5 maybe 4. My parents play and they have influenced me to take it up. I love doing it. It gets me going on a Saturday and really do recommend hockey if you are looking at joining a sport club. It is great for exercise. So if you are interested than take it and do it.

We started at 10:30 but are match wasn't the first. It was fun. We started of well. Our first match we drew 1-1 which was a good score. We had to wait for ages until are matches though. At least we had sweets and chocolate. The only bad thing about the day is that it was freezing. Bad. We played are second match which sadly we lost 4-0 but they were a very good team with more experience players. We only got to play 3 matches and sadly again we lost the last match. So we didn't win anything but it was fun and I had a good time.

I'm now in my onsie. I will be watching YouTube videos after this blog and then good old Sunday roast. Yum !

P.S Join a hockey club, you'll love it !

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

My smoothie recipe

Hey everyone at last the wonderful weekend is here. Thank the lords. Only two more week of school though. Yay. Busy though, have exams, projects to do, matches to attend and you guys to cater to. I will do a blog on how I manage to organize my life. This blog today is all about my smoothie that I drink basically every morning. This smoothie is great as it gives me lots of energy and that is definitely what I need in the morning.
My smoothie is.....

                                                              BERRY BLAST !!!!
1- Tesco 500g of mixed berry frozen fruits.
2- Tesco own strawberry drink yogurt.
3- A splash of a berry juice.

And that's it. This is a real simple recipe and will take you 2 minutes in the morning.

1- When you get your ingredients, I have these amazing pamper chef glass jars which I separate the fruit between so I have the portion ready in advance.
2- I grab my blender and the ingredients and just pour everything into the jug.
3- This is the best part BLEND UP EVERYTHING  !!!!
4- Grab yourself a glass, pour out and ENJOY !!!

That's it. It is amazing has great flavour and gives me the boost I need in the morning which is healthy for em. There are basically no downsides to this smoothie.

Go and try it yourself.

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This is the finished result....
Yum !!!!

Monday, 9 March 2015

My Evening Routine

Hey everyone !!!! Hope you had a fab weekend. Mine has been busy but real good. Comment a smiley face :) if you had a great weekend. But now the week is back. ;( and I have to go back to school and you back to work but luckily the Easter holidays are nearly here. HURRAY !! I have been having this sensation to do a blog on my evening routine for a while so here it is....
1- My school finishes at 4.
2- I come in dump my bag.
3- Food is a must today was a rivita thin and chutney and cheese. Yum
4- Then I run upstairs and go on my phone and Ipod, check social media and listen to music.
5- When I coax myself to move I go to the bathroom wash my face and wash my hand.
6- I go back to my bedroom have a big drink of water.
7- I get dress into some comfortable clothes.
8- I do my homework.
9- I practice my cornet
10- I have dinner with my family and have a good chat.
11- Read just to pass some time.
12- Then I blog to you guys. HEY !!!
13- After this I will watch YouTube videos and do something related on the internet.
14- I take my makeup off.
15- I have a shower or bath if i feel like it.
16- I get into my PJ'S and light my candles and put my fairy lights on. Make the room more comfy.
17- Do my evening facial routine which consist of facial wipes and moisturizer.
18- Do my evening yoga routine.
19- I read or go on my phone and Ipod again.
20- Then I go to bed...... NIGHT.


Friday, 6 March 2015

Why I started blogging

Hey hope you week has went well and you've learnt something. HAPPY FRIDAY !!!!!! Luckily for me this week has went quickly for me it has as well. but I'm so glad the weekend her, YAY. This is blog is all about why I started blogging. Hope you enjoy. Please read to the end as I'm holding a special thing at the end.

The reason I started blogging is because I saw Zoella book at school and I fell in love with it. I started of just reading it and then starting watching her YouTube videos. She is my inspirations which got me to start blogging. I then found Tanya burr and other blogger and vloggers and that's when I wanted to give it ago myself . I asked my parents and they were all up for it. I was so excited and over joyed. I was already loving journaling and wanted to express my feelings, thoughts and tips out to the nation. At first I didn't know what to blog about and thought my blog was rubbish. After a while of writing blogs I thought it was getting anywhere and know one was looking. I went to Google for advice. Then they told me about BlogLovin and set up an account on there that has helped me massively. I now have over 225 page views which makes me happy that at least people are looking and 5 followers on my blog. It may not seem a lot but to me it's like the world. All I want from my blog is to get more and more followers like Zoella and Tanya Burr. I hope my YouTube channel will help and that I start having lots of people watching and reading. If the type of things that i'm writing you don't enjoy then comment and give me advice or ideas. This is why I started blogging. :)

To anyone out there who is considering thinking about starting a blog then do it. It is great just letting what you think out. You may not think that anyone is watching but it will take a while it did take Zoella 3 and a half  years to get where she is. Don't hive up and try to blog as much as possible and believe in yourself. You will get some mean comments along the way ignore them and carry on strong because I can promise you there are people out there like you and have the same personality as you. Remember to smile and BLOG BLOG BLOG !!!!

So this is why I started blogging. I hope I've encourage people out there to start blogging, it's great. now the special surprise thing.
Comment on this blog a question you want to ask me and I will answer on a blog on the 1st of April. On a blog all about your question. So get thinking and comment or email me.

Have a good weekend. Again HAPPY FRIDAY

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Thursday, 5 March 2015

What's in my handbag

Like most girls we carry to much in our handbags. At the moment my favorite bag is my neon yellow satchel which is a small. I don't know why I'm loving it so much it just came along and I've fallen in love with it. It like I've made a new best friend. This blog is all about what is in my handbag.

1- Of course my purse which I have two of because I'm weird like that.
2- My phone and my Ipod which I have everywhere.
3- my camera just in case i see anything I want to take a picture of something.
4- my blogging notebook just in case I have any ideas for vloggs or blogs.
5- A packet of Cath Kidston tissue which are gorgeous.
6- Gum. A must.
7- a comb just in case my hair goes squiffy like it always does.
8- Lip balm to keep my lips moisturized.
9- Lip balm to add SPARKLE.
10- Any spare receipt for previous shops.

And that's it. I take my handbag everywhere. The only sad thing is I can't fit my laptop in my handbag.

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Bye xxxxxx

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

What's on my Ipod

This is what is on my Ipod sorry if it is rubbish-
All the usual Ipod apps, camera, facetime,calendar, contacts, settings,videos,maps, clock,weather,newsstand,notes, reminders, iTunes, game center, music, app store, calculator, stocks, Ibooks, Passbook, Voice memos and photos, mail, safari, imessage.

Games- cut the rope, jetpack joyride, pony trials, doodle jump, words, temple run 2, minecraft, fall down 2, coin dozer, prize claw, squishy birds, geometry lite, harbor free, the line, pics, pictoword, bubble free.

Usual things- two flashlight apps, translator, errands and Wikihow.

Other- secret diary, face q.

photography and editing apps- video star, photo collage, flipgram, retrica, instasize.

Wallpaper apps- wallaperHD wallpapers.

social- Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Youtube.

shopping- Amazon, Ebay, New Look, river island, Tesco,

My birthday wishlist

My birthday is in April. Yay I'm so excited. I can't wait for my party and my birthday itself but the problem is I want so much. So these are the things I want for my birthday. P.s also going to start a Youtube channel and start vlogging as I got my first video camera.
1- A laptop so I can blog more and vlog as I'm using the family computer.
2- Sims 4. It might sound sad but I'm obsessed.
3- A separate hard drive so I can put the disk in.
4- Turbie Towel. Best invention ever.
5- American dollars for shopping in Florida.
6- Money to buy clothes and sunglasses for Florida.
7- My piano tuned it's got to the stage when it sounds like hell.

It might not sound a lot but it is all quite expense. I'm also going to Germany in May and Florida in the summer. Soo my family are spending quite a lot of money at the moment.

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