Thursday, 28 May 2015

Bucket List before I die

I'm still trying to keep up with my post so now your going to get a boat load of post. This post is going to be A bucket list before I die. Hope you enjoy !

1- I want to have a big happy family.
2- A lovely husband who truly loves me.
3- Go to New York
4-  Walk down the red carpet.
5- Go to the moon.
6- Go travelling with my friends.
7- Make my blog massive around the world.
8- Become popular on YouTube.
9-  Start my own makeup and clothes line.
10- Write a book
11- Live a fulfilled healthy, happy life.
12- Become a vet.

This is only an extract of my bucket list but these are the ones which mean the most to me.

Logged on now Logged off xx

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