Monday, 26 October 2015

My De-stress routine

My de stress routine 

Hi everyone hope you are having a good half term. Hope you lit a pumpkin scented candle or drank something in Starbucks . Anyway this post is always useful for us girls ( or boys) but mainly girls. School can be stressful through exams, friend issues or family so sometimes you need some me time and to get all the stress of your shoulder so I will take you through what I do to de-stress.

I firstly change out of my day clothes into some comfy over sized sweatshirt and sweatpants and take of any makeup I have on and jewelry I take off.  Then I make myself  a hot drink either a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate and cream with MARSHMELLOWS. Then I curl up in blankets and watch Netflix but I recommend a comedy or romance as this will help to clear your mind don't forget to light the candles. Then I have a pamper session lush and bubbles face mask and skincare routine. After that I go onto rituals and that is an awesome relaxing app which is great for de stressing their is also a shop so bonus and make sure you do some online shopping than I like to write a to do list or write down any thoughts on my mind in my journal and then I like to have a early life. Remember exams won't change your life you can only do your best so relax and breathe breathing helps.

So I hope this was helpful and don't worry your amazing enjoy your half term and don't forget to treat yourself ☺

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Erin x

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