Monday, 27 April 2015

About me

Hello my dear blogging family. I'm here today to write about me. On your profile you have a very small space to write about yourself so I thought I write a more in detailed one so you guys and me can become real good chums.

Lets get into it.
I'm Erin, and I'm in secondary school. I'm loving life at the moment even though exam are coming up it's great having my friends with me. So if you didn't know I get on with most people and have a large friendship bubble. My favourite subject at school is either Drama or History. History because of the teacher, he is the best teacher I have had in my whole life. He's funny and has that olden day way of teaching and I learn a lot from him. As I'm quite a confident person I love letting it all out through drama, I love performing in shows and competion. I'm taking Grade 3 acting in June... I'm rather musical I love having a sing in the shower and in there I sound like a international popstar, I don't know about you but we all do. I play piano and cornet I have passed my Grade 3 cornet and taking grade 1 in the summer. I love beauty and fashion and LOVE going shopping, I like learning about new styles and trends and finding out new techniques. If you have any tips on makeup etc comment below. I love animals and I want to be a vet when I'm older. My obsession is pugs they are my life and unicorns. Without Wifi and internet by world doesn't function. Instagram is my social media world so go follow me on that which is a new name tumblr_.girl16. Netflix makes me happy loving gossip girl, lush baths make my day. My bed is my my heaven, coffee keeps me alive.

This is all I can get of the top of my head but I hope it has helped you understand my craziness a bit better.

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  1. We are so similar apart from I have no musical talent also I love your blog.


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