Monday, 9 March 2015

My Evening Routine

Hey everyone !!!! Hope you had a fab weekend. Mine has been busy but real good. Comment a smiley face :) if you had a great weekend. But now the week is back. ;( and I have to go back to school and you back to work but luckily the Easter holidays are nearly here. HURRAY !! I have been having this sensation to do a blog on my evening routine for a while so here it is....
1- My school finishes at 4.
2- I come in dump my bag.
3- Food is a must today was a rivita thin and chutney and cheese. Yum
4- Then I run upstairs and go on my phone and Ipod, check social media and listen to music.
5- When I coax myself to move I go to the bathroom wash my face and wash my hand.
6- I go back to my bedroom have a big drink of water.
7- I get dress into some comfortable clothes.
8- I do my homework.
9- I practice my cornet
10- I have dinner with my family and have a good chat.
11- Read just to pass some time.
12- Then I blog to you guys. HEY !!!
13- After this I will watch YouTube videos and do something related on the internet.
14- I take my makeup off.
15- I have a shower or bath if i feel like it.
16- I get into my PJ'S and light my candles and put my fairy lights on. Make the room more comfy.
17- Do my evening facial routine which consist of facial wipes and moisturizer.
18- Do my evening yoga routine.
19- I read or go on my phone and Ipod again.
20- Then I go to bed...... NIGHT.


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