Thursday, 7 May 2015

What if .....

Hey everyone hope your bank holiday was exciting and a little break from all the stressful school work. I'm truly sorry but I've been rather busy and are behind both on blogging and YouTubing as my internet has went wrong. Now all is good and I can get back together with all my great viewers. This post today is going to be all about What if and it may turn a bit weird, as always I hope you like and comment below any opinions and views and request on post as I happy to do so.

What if- The air we breathe in is actually a drug and we see the world we see and when you take drugs you see the real world and that's why drugs are illegal.

What if- We are living in a dome and we are a fake world and the real world is looking down on us.

What if- The things you forgot to thank god for last night weren't there when you woke up.

What if- A mass killer sickness wiped out the world and you were the only one to survive.

What if- The world stopped spinning and darkness came upon.

What if- The sun got to close and burned the world and all of it's population.

These are just a view of the many things we need to take time to think over. I hope these have made you stop and think.

Bye for now xx

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