Tuesday, 18 August 2015

What to do when your bored in summer

Hi everyone, I know summer coming to the end and all but these last weeks will be when your bored as you've done all the exciting things you've already done. This is a list of all the things you could do comment below any other ideas which I would appreciated.  I'm going to try and fit a school series in but I'm very busy at the moment. Hope you like your beautiful and a wonderful person.

1- Hangout with friends
2- Go shopping with friends
3- Have a picnic in the summer sun
4- Try something new
5- Read a new book
6- Write your own book or song
7- Go on a walk
8- Take a risk, do something which you are scared off and try to defeat them I've wrote a post about how to face them.
9- Go swimming
10- Go school supplies shopping
11- Do a DIY project
12-  Have a pamper evening
13- Go to the beach
14- Bake something
15-  Cuddle with pets
16- Go see a movie
17- Raise money for a charity
18- Spend some quality time with family
19- Relax
20- Netflix, popcorn, PJ day

Logged on now logged off xx

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