Thursday, 12 November 2015

Paper Towns review

HI everyone how's everyone feeling about the weather cold strong winds, the sky getting darker earlier but hey Christmas is nearly here YAY. Who's excited comment below what you want. Hope my friend post was helpful if you like advice post. Anyway this is a little different but I did mention that I was reading Paper Towns by John Green but I finished it about a month ago so I thought I would write a short review.....

Paper Towns by John Green
Paper towns is a mysterious, detective book with humour through the book with extra love I really liked it. Paper Towns is based in Florida around a group of teens but mainly around Margo and Quentin who have had a friendship since toddlers but when a disturbing event split hem apart they didn't see each other as much but Quentin had a secret rush and when Margo goes missing Quentin has to discover the truth before it's too late. This book is full of plot twist and creepy bits but is definitely a page turner. I rate Paper Towns 4 **** and is a read if you like a mystery other John Green books are good what is your favourite by him and what are you reading at the moment comment below. This is a quick sum up did you like my review ??

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