Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My birthday wishlist

My birthday is in April. Yay I'm so excited. I can't wait for my party and my birthday itself but the problem is I want so much. So these are the things I want for my birthday. P.s also going to start a Youtube channel and start vlogging as I got my first video camera.
1- A laptop so I can blog more and vlog as I'm using the family computer.
2- Sims 4. It might sound sad but I'm obsessed.
3- A separate hard drive so I can put the disk in.
4- Turbie Towel. Best invention ever.
5- American dollars for shopping in Florida.
6- Money to buy clothes and sunglasses for Florida.
7- My piano tuned it's got to the stage when it sounds like hell.

It might not sound a lot but it is all quite expense. I'm also going to Germany in May and Florida in the summer. Soo my family are spending quite a lot of money at the moment.

Logged on now Logged off.


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