Friday, 6 March 2015

Why I started blogging

Hey hope you week has went well and you've learnt something. HAPPY FRIDAY !!!!!! Luckily for me this week has went quickly for me it has as well. but I'm so glad the weekend her, YAY. This is blog is all about why I started blogging. Hope you enjoy. Please read to the end as I'm holding a special thing at the end.

The reason I started blogging is because I saw Zoella book at school and I fell in love with it. I started of just reading it and then starting watching her YouTube videos. She is my inspirations which got me to start blogging. I then found Tanya burr and other blogger and vloggers and that's when I wanted to give it ago myself . I asked my parents and they were all up for it. I was so excited and over joyed. I was already loving journaling and wanted to express my feelings, thoughts and tips out to the nation. At first I didn't know what to blog about and thought my blog was rubbish. After a while of writing blogs I thought it was getting anywhere and know one was looking. I went to Google for advice. Then they told me about BlogLovin and set up an account on there that has helped me massively. I now have over 225 page views which makes me happy that at least people are looking and 5 followers on my blog. It may not seem a lot but to me it's like the world. All I want from my blog is to get more and more followers like Zoella and Tanya Burr. I hope my YouTube channel will help and that I start having lots of people watching and reading. If the type of things that i'm writing you don't enjoy then comment and give me advice or ideas. This is why I started blogging. :)

To anyone out there who is considering thinking about starting a blog then do it. It is great just letting what you think out. You may not think that anyone is watching but it will take a while it did take Zoella 3 and a half  years to get where she is. Don't hive up and try to blog as much as possible and believe in yourself. You will get some mean comments along the way ignore them and carry on strong because I can promise you there are people out there like you and have the same personality as you. Remember to smile and BLOG BLOG BLOG !!!!

So this is why I started blogging. I hope I've encourage people out there to start blogging, it's great. now the special surprise thing.
Comment on this blog a question you want to ask me and I will answer on a blog on the 1st of April. On a blog all about your question. So get thinking and comment or email me.

Have a good weekend. Again HAPPY FRIDAY

Logged on now logged off xxxxxx

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