Saturday, 28 February 2015

My morning routine

This is my morning routine for school. Hope you enjoy this blog and that it inspire you to change yours for a easier wake up.
1- I wake up at 7:20.
2- I make my bed.
3- Open my curtains and open my window.
4- Do my morning yoga routine to stretch my muscle which really wakens me up.
5- I go to the bathroom and wash my face which refreshes me and makes me look and feel wide awake and brush my teeth.
6- I get out of my PJ'S and put deodorant on.
7- Get dressed and put perfume on.
8- I do my hair and put my shoes on.
9- Grab my bag and head downstairs.
10- Have a healthy breakfast and smoothie.
11- Check phone and Ipod.
12-  Brush my teeth again.
13- Check my bag that I have everything.
14- Then I leave at 8:00

That is my morning routine. Simple but it works for me :)


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