Saturday, 31 January 2015

This weekend and how to have the best sleepover xxxx

This weekend
Hey this weekend is going to be a busy one. I'm going on a sleepover at my Bffs Emily's house. We're going shopping and swimming. I'm looking forward to it. I can't wait until the sleepover it will be great. I love sleepovers I'm such a girly girl. These are my tips on how to have the best sleepover.

How to have the best sleepover 

1-  Make a plan.
2- Have a theme, example- pop-star day, crazy hair day.
3-  Make a guest list are you just going to invite one person or 4 check with your parents about the maximum you can have.
4- Send out invitations or text them tell them what you'll be doing what time they should be dropped of and when you can get collect afterwards. Make sure have the child's parents phone number so you can keep them informed about time.
5- Get all the supplies you need, sweets, drinks , movies these are the things that make sleepovers great.
6- If you have any siblings make sure they are entertained so they don't bug you or arrange your sleepover around a day your siblings are out.
7- Always be on the safe side check with your friends they don't have any allergies or health problems the worst thing that could happen is that your friend has a allergic reaction :( 

Part 2- How to host an amazing sleepover
1- Be polite when they entered they need to know that you live in a nice house and your a nice kid.
2-  Make sure your food is ready in advance. you don't want to be busy cooking while you could be socializing with your friends.
3-Play some music and dance around. make the area more comfortable for your friends to just relax as it could be awkward for them.
4- No sleepover is complete without a pillow fight. Grab some pillows spread them around, count down and FIGHT.
5- If your friends like playing videos than play on the Xbox or PlayStation just have a good time.
6-  You want to remember this awesome sleepover take selfies and photographs.
7- Be respectful if your guests want to go to bed earlier than let them not all of your friends are all nighters.
8- tell scary stories but make sure their not to scary....... AHHHH
9- If you just want to relax then put a good film on like Fault in our stars or Divergent or Pitch Perfect.
10- All girls love a good gossip. So just talk. Talk about who you have a crush on or your favorite movie star.
11- Make sure everyone happy and there are no arguments or fights your job is to stop these and make the atmosphere calm again.

What to do the next morning
1- Wake your friends up respectfully and quietly but not to early.
2- Ask if your friends want breakfast try something like pancakes or waffles as a treat but make sure you have a plain cereal as well.
3- When it there time to leave walk them to the door say thank you for coming and say goodbye.
4- This bit is less fun but your parents have let you have a sleepover make sure you tidy up afterwards and say thanks for your parents for letting you have a sleepover.

Some over ideas and tricks for the best sleepover-
1- Choose the biggest room in the house. this will allow yout o have more space to sleep and party. Move all furniture to the side for maximum space.
2- Have I told you this already but junk food is a MUST.
3-  have makeovers and if you really trust your friends have a blind makeover
4- A fashion walk is always fun you can also have a photo-shoot at the end.
5- tell each other secrets, sit in a circle and each of you have to tell a secret to each other.
6- Truth and Dare don't hold back this is great fun and will get yourself peeing from laughter.
7- Spin the bottle is also another great game. Bring on the kisses.

So these are my ideas on how to have the best sleepover and now you know how to do it.

After the sleepover at Emily's I'm playing a hockey match against Yately I cant wait I love playing hockey and basically all sports. I also this week thrashed Winton at netball which we won 10-0 so yeah.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it has given you ideas on sleepovers.

Logged on now Logged off ........ xxx

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