Sunday, 25 January 2015

Dog training with Sherlock

Hi today post is going to be about dog training I have a boisterous but gorgeous golden retriever who is turning 2 so he is still a baby. But I wanted to make him more obedient and well behaved. I have a 2 month target in which I want to achieve all of this 
Leave it
Watch me 
And socialisation with other dogs

He wouldn't hurt a fly he's just a big dog which doesn't know what to do with himself. I have been working on lay at the moment which he is doing well on but still need progress and I think I would mater it in 1 week to 1 and a half weeks. To get him better at socization we are going to pay for him to go on walks with other dogs once a week. I have recently just purchased training books from the library which I have started reading . I have finished by book John and George and I will post a book review about it.  

How I get my dog to lay 
1- get a treat it favourite toy and wiggle over dogs nose 
2- then pull it straight down and put underneath dog near back legs
3- tell your dog to lay and then when dogs elbows touch the floor say lay again
Your dog will have to lay to get the treat 

Then praise lots of love 

If you want any other tips on dog Training comment in it 
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Bye for now 

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