Saturday, 24 January 2015

What I've been up to

I know blogger are meant to write a lot but I'm a very busy young girl this week has been hectic but not stressful which was good. I had my show rehearsal on Monday evening but also had an acting lesson I'm on grade 3 I love it. Then it was a pretty normal week. But some exciting news also happened I got ask out but I hate him so I said no so single still YAY . My music lesson all went well . Everything fine my evening are nice and relaxed. Pressure next week though got tests french boooo so if I don't you know I'm studying I've found these cool tips on Instagram so will use them but still nervous and anxious 😁. Did  I tell you about my new vintage items ????? I've also got a new sleep over bag which is so cool. I'm also setting up a obedience circuit for my dog to make him the best it will be hard but that's

This is my new idea for how to wrap up my blogs
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