Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Vintage world

Hey I'm back with my second post im still getting used to all this stuff so you know. I love vintage and my life is now surrounded around vintage it all started this Christmas 
Ps I ❤️ Christmas
My aunt and uncle got me some vintage bunting which I love so I put it in my bedroom which looks absolutely amazing. So I thought it looked a bit odd and everything on its own so I looked on the Internet on vintage pics and I found them awesome just patterns on their own. I bought a trunk load of items of vintage decorations which I will put in my bedroom when they arrive when i have put them up I will post a pic of them. So I'm looking into getting a vintage dress but can't find any anywhere in my size. If you have any good shops which sell vintage clothes comment below. 

If you are struggling on finding any vintage items to add to your collectection look in my next post on how to find cool and unique vintage items where I will tell you about all my secrets on it. 
This is how I got into vintage and in know doubt I will post more about vintage items clothes and other bits and bobs. 

If you are a vintage lover follow me and I'll follow you back be because all vintage gals should stick together xxxxxx 

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