Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A normal day for me x

Hey I'm back this is my third blog sooooo you know I hope you liking them so far.  today  I've been at school so boo hoo and I wasn't feeling very well so it was a bad start but you know it was alright .  What do you think about school or your job I find it alright but sometimes it annoys me tomorrow I have German one of my least favourite lesson history French English sport ICT so alright day quite varied today was good especially the afternoon music which we've started learning the guitar which is cool I really want one now so I can start writing songs with the guitar so it cool. How musical are you? I'm very musical I love to sing and I play piano and trumpet which I love.  I love break though you get to  hang around with people you haven't seen in your lesson which is cool and catch up with the gossip boys which magazine to get what the latest celeb is up to you know that Girly talk. Today was fine a usual school day but wish I could of been at home relaxing. I've also been shopping after school today when my sis had an eye appointment I mooched ( love that word) at the makeup really considering if I should get any foundation ??????? I saw some cute and sexy nail colours which I would love to have purchased but I'm saving my dosh for other stuff and on big I owe you. As I'm a book worm I had to get a  book I got a true story about a dog that changed a homeless man life and when I've finished It I'll write a book review.  Had pasta twice today lunch and dinner but was still delicious had a pudding doughnuts YUM. Been on my iPod checked my Instagram account then phoned my bff. We are going to make a trash dress for art project and we are studying rubbish made into art. Got my first amazon delivery through  which is my light cover and will post pic on separate blog later to tonight. It is vintage of course so matches my room perfectly. Now just lounging in room   writing this blog. Need ideas to write at end of a blog to round of comment below spread the news about my new blog and let other people know 

Thx bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 💋💗

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