Sunday, 11 September 2016

What to do on a rainy day

Hi everyone, firstly  I would like to say sorry for no post last Sunday but that's why you have 2 this
Sunday ! I will try my best to get you a blog post every Sunday but some school week are busy than others! Anyway for this week post is- What to do on a rainy day- Hope you enjoy ! 

1: Build a den- Either in your room or the living room make sure it's really cosy with lots of blankets and pillows. You could also add some fairy lights for a cute affect. Just make sure it's comfy as your going to spend your rainy day in!

2. Have a Netflix marathon- catch up with your favourite seasons or re watch a seasons. Some of my favourites are Pretty little Liars, Gossip girl and 90210, what are some of your favourites.

3. Do a hobby or yours- On a rainy day I love to cook, I love baking anyway but hours can pass by baking and you get a treat at the end! You could also do you art or music.

4. Have a pamper- Put a face mask on, paint your nails while watching your YouTube feed, on a grey day uplift yourself by having a pamper.

5. Blog- If your a blogger like me, on a rainy day I love to plan new blogpost or even right a cheeky extra blog post for you guys. I also like to write down anything on my mind in a journal or notebook. 

So these are 5 things you can do on a rainy day. Next Sunday post will link into this one so remember to read. Hope you enjoyed. 

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