Sunday, 16 October 2016

Autumn essentials

Hi everyone ! Its Sunday and that means blog post day. This post is another autumn essentials. Its my autumn must haves. Hope you enjoy!

1- Oversized jumpers- To keep yourself warm and ideally autumn colours!

2-Blankets- To wrap up in on cold autumn days

3- Cosy socks- In the colder weather your feet can get really cold so keep them warm with some cute socks- new look do good ones

4- A good moisturizer- In the colder weather my skin gets very dry so a good one is essential. I love the simple moisturizer!

5- Autumn snacks and treats-I can do a post on my favourite recipes. But focus on cinnamon and apple and a bit of toffee and you've got yourself a delicious snack.

6- Candles- As the evenings get darker brighten up the mood by lighting a candle.

7- Hot drinks- In this time of the year, I love the hot chocolate with cream and marshmellows its just heaven!

8- The classic dark lip- A burgundy, maroon or even red or be bold and go purple.

9- A pair of boots- Uggs or a black bootie, above the knee or a bit of a heel, there's so much selection but autumn is the time to whip them out.

10- Body lotion- Like the moisturizer to keep your skin smooth and not dry.

These are my autumn essentials. Hope you like the autumn post.

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