Sunday, 28 August 2016

Summer/back to school haul

Hi everyone. It brings me great sadness to be writing this post as its related to the back to school theme 😭 So I went on a shopping trip in the goal to get stationary but I may of got a tad of track so here is what I got on my last shopping trip..... Hope you enjoy ! 


THE COMFIEST JUMPER- Size 8- Maroon/burgundy colour- £5

Awesome vibes top- size 6- orange/red- sale- £2 

Black flats- size 3 ( midget feet!)- sale- £3


Sushi jumper- divided range- size xs- £5.99

Think pink bath bomb- £2.75 

Now for the stationary 


2x ruled notebooks- doughnut design & fruit design- £3.50 each 


2x paper folders- icecream design and pink- £1 each 

So that's it! Hope you liked. Comment ideas and hope your back to school experience isn't too bad.

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Vintage Haxs xxx

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