Friday, 21 October 2016

One of my new favourite places

Hi everyone. As its half term I have some more time to blog. This post is a bit of a random one which is my favourite place in my town which is a new coffee shop called Coffee #1 it is a very popular coffee shop and your likely to have one in your town. So this post is going to be why I like it and my fav drinks for Autumn. Hope you enjoy!

You may know I love a good costa and Im still a costa girl but recently Ive been drawn to Coffee #1 for many reason. The costa in my town does not do Autumn/halloween inspired drinks like Pumpkin spice lattes etc. But coffee #1 has 2x halloween drinks with there many other drink options. There halloween drinks are- pumkin spice latte and spooky cookie ( my fav!)

In summer Costa does great coolers but they stop in the autumn/winter and if your not a coffee drinker like me, that really limits your options. But coffee one does frappes and smoothies and juices and of course the normal drinks!

The prices are also cheaper so if you dont want to fork out £3.50+ for a small drink coffee #1 has slightly cheaper prices.

The decor and interior is really vintage and unique which gives of a cool vibe.

So this is why I love coffee #1 at the moment but Im not here to complain about costa as im still a costa lover ! But next time you see a coffee #1 give it a go!

Top 3 drinks at the moment

1- Spooky cookie- SOO good, give it a go!

2- Hot chocolate- with cream and marshmellows if you may.

3- Caramel latte- If im feeling tired and need some energy...

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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Vintage Haxs xx

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