Sunday, 25 September 2016

Rainy day essentials

Hi guys sorry for no post last Sunday as  it was a traumatic weekend ! But again this Sunday you get two, YAY! This post has linked into last week's and this post is Rainy day essentials ! Hope you enjoy.

1- Comfy clothes- it's all about the comfort on a rainy day being comfy, cosy and warm.

2- Blnakets and Cushions- to build a den and wrap up warm in.

3- Netflix or film selection- You need to entertain yourself so grab those blankets and watch your favourite film or series.

4- SNACKS GALORE- Whatever you feel like craving on either sweets, crisp, popcorn, pretzels just make sure you have lots of it.

5- Lush- So you can have a relax in a pretty, hot and bubbly bath and pass away the hours.

So these are my 5 essentials, hope you enjoy and if you live in the UK you can experience one of those days soon! 

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