Sunday, 15 February 2015

10 quick tips on makeup

I'm a very big girly girl. I love makeup. Some girls don't. I love going to the spa getting manicure and pedicure, facials and massages. I have my box of makeup in my desk and separate storage thing for my nail varnish. These are my top 3 shops to purchase makeup from.
1- Superdrug
2- Boots
3- Claires

These are my tips on makeup.
1- Less is More
2- With foundation make sure your skin tone matches or it will not look good.
4- When applying nail varnish do three strokes one down the middle, two down the sides. Not blotchy.
5- Purchase a base coat and a top coat for longer lasting manicures and pedicures.
6- Have yourself a morning and evening routine for perfect skin.
7- If you have sensitive skin I recommend using Simple products, which I use.
8- Do not wear makeup all the time. It will ruin your skin. Only wear it on the weekends or special occasion.
9- Makeup should enhance your features not create a mask to hide behind.
10- Remember you're beautiful.

So these are my tips on makeup hope you enjoyed. Comment down below on other ideas I could write about.
Love these nails

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