Saturday, 2 April 2016

Top 5 things that I've been loving

Hey everyone, at last I think Spring has finally sprung here in the UK and today has been lovely the sun is out and it's really warm. YAY. Anyway today post is 5 things I've been loving at the moment. Hope your having a good week, if not it's the weekend so relax and just chill. Now onto the post, hope you enjoy! 

1. The SUN 🌞
Like weather like today makes we really happy, it just gives you an extra push of happiness, like when it rains it sad but when the suns out everyone happy and you just want to get out into it, just hope it stays out, fingers crossed. Hope it's sunny where you are? 

2. New clothes ( shopping trips) 
As you know I've been shopping a lot recently and you will see what I've got if you go check out my channel as it will be coming out later today! But I like a fresh new wardrobe when Spring is here and I'm very happy with my new clothes! 

3. A clean start
It's no wonder that this spring I've had a good Spring clean of my room, I love every omece in a while having a good organise and refresh, it really makes your life more easier to work around and you feel more organised. Have you done your spring cleaning yet this year? 

4. Good food
You don't have to go out and slash the cash to have a real good meal, a homemade meal made with love for me taste just as good. But you can never beat a dinner out, for my birthday we went out for dinner and had some fantastic food and for me when my tummy is happy, I'm happy 😂

5. Friends and family 
Being around people which make me feel good about myself and all I want to do is smile. Surrounding myself with people I love which make me laugh is always a cure for a bad day. If your ever down do something that will make you smile, when your smiling you'll already feel 10x better. 

So these are 5 things that I've been loving recently. I've hoped you enjoyed and if you've had a bad day try doing something that will make you happy, like a dog walk or baking or going round friends. 
If you already have gone back on school, I hope it's gone well so far. I have to go back tomorrow, and man I don't want to, this holiday has gone soooo quickly. Whose with me!

Hope you enjoyed 
Bye for now 
See you soon xx

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  1. I am really enjoying reading your well written articles. I think you spend numerous effort and time updating your site.

    1. Hi sorry I took so long to reply, thank so much and I'm glad you like them, it means a lot and I hope you keep reading.


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