Tuesday, 29 March 2016

March favourites

Hi guys
Hope you had a fabulous Easter and got lots of chocolate, as I did! Anyway hope you also having a great holiday. As you know March is coming to the end and soon April will be here, YAY my birthday month! March has been a really great month. It has been raining a lot in the UK but their have been times of Spring like weather ie sun and flowers. I can't wait for spring to be properly here and I really want to get some new bedroom decor. Anyway now onto the post. Hope you enjoy 😊


- Collection perfection concealer 
Does what it says on the package literally last all day and covers dark circles and blemishes really well and it can also be used as a highlighter. For such a cheap price can't see anything wrong.

- Mac lipstick in shade Peach blossom 
This is my first Mac lipstick that I got for a present and it lovely natural nude, it last all day and is really nice finish on your lips. Can't wait to buy more and I definitely think those worth the money. Which shades do you recommend let me know. 


- Botanics foaming cleansing face wash 
I've had this for a while but this month I've been really loving it, it's super gentle and lifts off makeup easily and leaves your face feeling refreshed so a big thumbs up from me. 

Home decor

- My new cactus (Fred!) 
So I've been wanting to get a cactus for a while and finally have, I'm rubbish with keeping plants alive so I thought a low mantaince plant would be perfect like a cactus and also their soo tumblr, so get ready to see Instagram picture of Fred! 

- IKEA metal draws
I absolutely love them, their soo great for storage and very easy to move as on wheels. I store my nail varnishes, earrings, makeup, electrical stuff, planner goodies and travel beauty bags. If you guys would like a tour let me know.


- Pineapple skirt from Primark £2 ( on sale )
Like honestly I saw it was £2 and had pineapples, I was going to buy it. It was a super soft material and really nice length but need to find a top to wear with it, mission excepted! 

Not a very good picture the pineapples are more yellow! 

- Brogue type shoes 
I got these from my cousin and I already love them, their brown and soo stylish and classy and I really like them either for going  out for dinner or a trip into town. I also been wanting a pair like these for a while and thrilled that I've got them now !

- Light pink tassled bag 
I also got this for my birthday as I had an early party and I'm in love, it has so many storage spaces and an awesome pocket in the front. It's much smaller but I like that. If you wanted a more in detailed post let me know and I can do that. 


- Easter eggs
This should be everyone favourite and I'm such a chocoholic so extra chocolate makes me soo happy and I have a sugar rush so fun for everyone else, what's your favourite type of chocolate ? Mine mist be milk! 

- Revison book thing 
Sadly summer exam are coming and I wanted to get some Revison stuff ready and I saw this is whsmiths and thought it was really clever, it's quite big with dividers so will be perfect for when I start revising ! It was only £3.99, so great value for something so useful. I can do a blogpost on study tips and hacks.

- Unicorn pen 
OMG it's so freakin cute, I carry it in my bag, it's a perfect size, yeah and it's a unicorn pen like who wouldn't want one! 

So these have been the things I've been loving this month, hope you enjoyed this post, have a fab holiday ! 

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